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You Get What You Expect

People adjust their behavior based on the way they see the world. Here are 11 ways that you get what you expect:

If you believe today’s going to be awesome, you’re going to be happier and more productive than if you fear problems lurking around every corner.

If you believe people are trustworthy, you’re going to manage relationships differently than if you think everyone’s out to get you.

If you believe you can overcome any challenge, you’re going to view obstacles differently than if you feel you’re doomed from the start.

If you believe you’re going to be successful, you’re going to view your prospects differently than if you think, “People like me never stand a chance.”

If you believe relationships should be win-win, you’re going to build partnerships differently than if you think everyone’s out to get the upper hand.

If you believe good people finish first, you’re going to behave differently than if you think you have to be ruthless to win.

If you believe feedback is critical to personal growth, you’re going to receive it differently than if you think feedback means you did something wrong.

If you believe every successful person encounters failure, you’re going to view mistakes differently than if you think failing makes you a failure.

If you believe hard work pays off, you’re going to view tough days differently than if you believe your company’s trying to take advantage of you.

If you believe people generally try their best, you’re going to manage people differently than if you think people are generally lazy.

If you believe life has its ups and downs, you’re going to view bad days differently than if you think you’re the only one with problems.

When you believe that something’s possible and you set your sights firmly on the prize, you’ve taken the first big step in making it a reality. When every part of you believes that the outcome will be positive, something magical happens. You get what you expect.

  This poster was excerpted from Soul Food: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life by Frank Sonnenberg.