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The Universe

I sit here today and tell you that the universe really is listening to us, words I thought perhaps I would never utter. I am the first to admit that I am a cynic, a skeptic, mistrusting. I probe everyone, and everything in the pursuit of truth, or maybe I just probe because I am a pain in the arse. No pun intended.

I’ve been on this road for quite some time now, in search of some sort of enlightenment, purpose, or perhaps just validation that I am doing good things in my life. Always looking for a pat on the head.

I’ve read all the books, watched hours of YouTube, I’ve read my horoscope since the moment I could read, I’ve crunched my Numerology numbers, read my Tarot Cards, road tested numerous psychics in pursuit of what the future may hold. I’ve done it all. And I am sure many of you have too, but perhaps aren’t admitting it just yet.

I toyed with the idea that “The Universe” as so many call it does not exist, and that this life is simply a simulation, and we are all avatars, living out a dream state where our bodies are somewhere off in the distance laying idle, while we are being watched over by god knows who, or what.

But in recent months and weeks, I have shifted my own thinking, my own being, or maybe something more than me has shifted it for me, and I am finally being forced to listen. Who knows?

Everything has a vibration, everything has a frequency. We seek out what we wish to, we tune into the station that resonates with us at a point in time. There really is no right or wrong, there really is no judgment, there are only things that occur in our lives and situations we may find ourselves in, no more, no less.

Somewhere along the way though, we have allowed ourselves to be conditioned into applying judgment, separating people, putting labels on everyone and everything in some kind of egotistical satisfying frenzy. Then we did something worse, we accepted this for what it is, and many chose not to question it, because it is ‘easier’.

But something truly wonderful has been unfolding for a while now. We have, as a species, been through some dark and heavy times of late. There were days where I thought I was going mad, I thought the world was going mad, I really could not comprehend what I was seeing and hearing on a daily basis.

But the conversation has started to, and has changed.

There has been much light shining in on us of late. I’ve really felt it in the past month or so. The weight seems to have lifted off many of our shoulders. People are laughing more, smiling more, people are telling jokes again, and are seeing life for what it is, simple.

There is a quote floating around somewhere in the ether along the lines of “Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans”.

I can appreciate the author of this quotes point of view. But I define life as the conversations we have everyday, the observations we make everyday, the time we take to appreciate a rainbow, or when we stop to feel our own heartbeat.

This, in my opinion, is life.

Getting back to where I was going in the beginning. Having read all of the books, having watched all of the videos on what it means to be human, what it means to be spiritual, and so on and so fourth. I really started to resent a lot of things. I thought that by writing all of my goals on a piece of paper and thinking good thoughts would magically make a million dollars appear and all would be right with my world. I thought that I was above working a 9-5 job and that I should be sitting on a beach in an exotic location on my laptop living a ‘life by design’. I allowed external influences to influence my thinking in such a way, that I resented all of the beauty and real life that was right here in front of me, the whole time, just waiting for me to see it again.

This is the Universe in all its glory. Doing its thing, with no judgment or consequence. It just does what it does time after time. It echoes back to us what we put out, and it knows when we are paying attention or not. It will repeat lessons back to us until we master them, and on the flip side, will reward us handsomely when we do pay attention.

Where I believe we can come unstuck is where the material world has hooked our attention, for what I hope was the right intentions of the creator, but I fear this not to be true.

Being handsomely rewarded implies monetary compensation in this world. Money makes the world that we live in go around, so when we do good things, there is an expectation that we will be compensated accordingly. There has been an over inflation, in my opinion, of self worth in recent years where this type of compensation is concerned. Making money is a huge focus thrust upon us from an early age.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”.

Maybe this was a country thing, but good lord, I heard this a few times during my upbringing. Sure, it was often said with a tongue in cheek approach and I laugh about it now, but, this throwaway line does imply that nothing that we want or need in this world comes for free, which; perhaps we have allowed to become true.


Consider this.

In no way do I intend to paint the picture that my life has been viewed through rose coloured glasses.

“Those who see the world through rose coloured glasses, see only red flags as flags”. Unknown.

But I will say this. Despite all of my setbacks in life, I have a great family, and I have great friends. I have great relationships with all who I meet in my life and this is what I consider to be life.

Now at this point, I recognise that some readers may feel that their upbringing may have not been so smooth or rosy as I have implied, and I get that. And like I said, nor was mine.


I would like to highlight this, if you would be so kind as to allow me.

Shitty things happen in our lives. They are just as likely to happen as the good. Where I mentioned earlier about there really being no wrong or right or there being judgment, in that of there only being the situations or things that unfold themselves, I apply that here.

Though things in this life may not pan out according to that plan we have had in our minds eye for quite sometime, consider this;

As our vibration as individuals’ rises and falls, so does that of the Universe in which we exist. If our vibration is low, then all that we see and hear in the moment will seem low also. It is our duty to ourselves, to recognise this, and decide on how we wish to proceed. It is OK to wallow in the darkness; it really does serve a purpose, just as it is ok to bask in the light.

BUT, and I cannot stress this enough. In my opinion, our true source of happiness is being content with whatever situation we face, or however we feel based on an event or situation that has happened, or is happening, and have an awareness of it. The ability to remove ourselves from a process, and allow it to unfold, as it should, is a beautiful thing.

Being able to remove emotion and look at life objectively from time to time is not a sign of being hardened or being cold, it is a sign of wisdom, and maturity, and frankly, not enough of it happens in the world at this very point in time.

BUT, we are all learning, and we ARE all in this together. And we WILL all see this through. So let’s all just relax for a while and have some faith that we are all doing ok.

Thank you for reading.