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We’re all gonna return to dust one day. I don’t think anybody can ever understand life. Nowadays, it feels more pointless to me than ever. I am 25 years old right now.

1. Yes Life has no meaning. We come into this world without will n never know when the end will come. Billions of such souls like us entrapped inside a body have roamed this planet without answers. We are just plain chemical evolutions n no wealth or luxuries can be the answer to our existence or our dreams of Heavens after death. Nowadays Commerce n Capitalism rule our world n minds n never let you escape to think about such enlightenment. They lable you crazy if you do not slog at work 9to5 to fill their coffers. All Humans r enslaved by few who invent Gods n Greed to rule us. If people all over the world stop running this rat race n take rest to assess the situation with calm logical mind, All will opt for taking Samadhi like Sant Gyaneshvar, who understood all this chakravyuh.

2. Life is an illusion it gives us baits to enjoy but we never know or we forget in enjoyment that one day this enjoyment is going to vanish. After some reality checks and eye-opening encounters, We start struggling for enjoying tomorrow or for correcting our yesterday, therefore, I would say just find what you love to do as not everyone can do everything at a time or in one life.

And thereafter enjoy whole life by setting examples even meanwhile you will come across several sacrifices, struggle and compromises but in spite of that, you won’t be able to give up easily because you got your purpose of life and to live.

Life is a journey full of possibilities, it’s up to you which possibilities you want to turn in to reality with from efforts. It’s not like that no reason has left in your life to live, think about parents because your parents are living by seeing your face daily,

The reasons for which we are living are not like flowers which can grow or can be plucked anytime, You have to find reason/reasons to live by your own, your purpose, the goal in life. Be a little selfish if you were hurt by others and focus on what you love to do i,e your passion.

Imagine even if you want to live a life of simplicity but if you can earn some money and will use it for a noble/social cause then you can bring a smile to many monotonous faces. Therefore you can find a reason for humanity to live if you are fed up by living for yourself.

When you live in present neither in past nor in future. Happiness not only comes after achieving what you don’t have or aspire to have but can also come from what you still have, therefore try to understand the importance of what you have and cherish them all.