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f it was told you 20 years ago that in fact universe is just a huge vibration and human as a little universe vibrates each moment with everything around him and the secret of life is hidden in vibrations, what would you think?

Probably you may not have paid that much attention and and ignored it. Because in the past times it was not well known the importance of vibrations by human being. Even now it can’t be said that it is known. Whereas Nikola Tesla solved the secret of these vibrations while preparing his own invention of earthquake machine. He said that he felt in some seconds that the building started to vibrate. If he continued 10 minutes, the building could collapse. Acording to Tesla universe was a huge vibration and we were a small reflection of these vibrations. With other words unoverse is a guitar and we are the strings of it and we are vibrating every moment with the strings. Scientists have been trying to make sense this song for centuries and they finally have explored the notes. And now they are trying to figure out the melody without breaking the strings.

The core of everything is energy. Thinking is energy. Energy always vibrates. And we are as human being are energies that vibrates continuously. Because our level of vibration is low, we continue to live our lifes as mass-body in the earth. We see the others that vibrates in the level of ours as also mass- body like other people, animals, plants, table, chair..The level of naturel vibration of human body is approximately 300 per second.

The level of vibration of the people who is busy with world events are lower than that.
The more you increase your level of vibration, the more you increase your power of supernatural. The vibration level of people who have the power of healing is approx 500 per second. When reached the level of 800, it comes out psychic powers. When reached 1000, telepatic power will be so open. The people who reach the level 10.000 can realize astral travel. This is like the vibrating of strings of a guitar. Once you touch the strings, you can’t see the strings for a while because of vibration. After that vibration slows down so that you cant se the strings.

We people see each other with the vibration 300 per second but we can’t see the creatures who vibrate 10.000 per second. We call them dimensional entities. Very few people among us but psychic can contact with these entities. Because big oracles are in this level, whatever they say, come true. They also can find the lost items by this way. Healers can can heal with one touch to the damaged organ of a patient by loading the proper frequency.

How about human relationships? How this vibration matter effects us? The reason of seperations at the relationships that start good and finish bad is change of frequencies.. That’s all..You don’t agree anymore with your 10 years partner because you are not in the same frequency same as 10 years ago with your partner. At the same time the people who are very far away to each other in the world but in the same frequency find always each other. There is a frequency to that we are all set up and like the birds that find their way in the sky, we find the people with proper frequency to us. Sometimes we don’t find. At this point the problems pop out. When we enter under the effect of a frequency that is stronger than ours, we disconnect from our magnetic field and end up a bad marriage or a job. So all the reason of those is wrong frequencies..The main matter in relationships is to find right frequency.

After all this information We can say that the people you call them as your best friend or soul mate or best college is not a coincidence. It’s because these people have a similar level of vibration with you. With other words their frequencies are in the similar levels with yours. Sometimes even if there is not an open reason, we don’t like some people around us. It’s because your frequencies are different. So don’t push yourself to keep in touch or agree with these people.

If you like to see with your eyes how the vibration of different levels effect each sand pieces, you can watch this video. I am sure you will be surprised..

If you think you have a low vibration level or just want to raise your level, good news there are ways to increase your vibration level.. I will talk about them in another article. I hope you like my topic. I am trying to share my spiritual wisdom with you..