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Although we are not always aware of it, we live immersed within an ocean of vibrating energy.

In 1922, Niels Bohr, who received the Nobel Prize in physics for his contributions to our understanding of atomic structure, announced to the world that the atom, the basic unit of matter, is mostly empty space filled with energy. Today we know that solid matter around us is 99.999 percent space and mostly energy. This applies to everything from galaxies, stars, and planets to the body, thoughts, emotions, and crystals.

This energy moves freely through space in the form of waves.  In other words, the “solid objects” that we see in our environment—all of them, including ourselves—are actually clusters of pulsating energy waves. In this transparent world, everything vibrates and is in constant motion. Even if you don’t see it with your eyes, everything around you is vibrating at one frequency or another, and so are you. Inanimate objects, such as crystals, are pulsing energy streams at a subatomic level.

If we are unable to perceive the energetic side of reality—with its vast ocean of waves and frequencies—that is only because our brains decode frequencies based on familiar objects. Our physical eyes have retinal neurons that deliver visual information to the thalamus and, from there, to the cerebral cortex known for thinking, perceiving, and understanding. We perceive our world more as ideas than as images, as our eyes perceive our world through ideas stored in our minds’ program—the database unconsciously learned from others. For example, if you were to take a common object such as a chair and filter it through the lens of the brain, it would manifest as what we know as a chair. However, if we removed that lens, we’d experience the chair as clusters of pulsating energy waves.

Additionally, the “solidity” of our material world may be explained by the ability of the brain to fill in. Filling-inphenomena is a theory that explains why the brain sees more than meets the eye. The brain, when confronted with the absence of input, fills it in, completing the image with a representation. Instead of perceiving the energy of an object, the brain fills in what is “missing” to create the illusion that all is dense and solid. To fill in what it perceives as missing, the brain uses the stored data programmed by our surroundings in our brain.

As you see, objective reality does not exist in the way we think it does. The brain constantly interprets the world according to our learned information. From this perspective, it seems obvious why we all seem to view the world so differently from one another.

Furthermore, the observer effect can also dictate our perception of reality. In science, the observer effect relates to the fact that simply observing any particular phenomenon will influence that phenomenon. The observer literally transforms waves into particles and our reality.

We don’t perceive our world transparently; we perceive it through the filters of our minds’ learned information. Through observation, our minds’ contents rearrange atoms in the energy fields to create what we know as our reality. The energy of an atom can change with any of our thoughts. This affects other atoms—and our world.

This means that we are constantly creating our reality through our mind programming.

Expansive energy waves can only occur when no one is watching. In the moment we observe them, through the lens of our perceptions, the expansive energy waves cease expanding.

For example, if you experience unpleasant feelings with a specific person, and that information is stored in your mind program, it doesn’t matter what that person does; your brain will fill in the information, and you will continue to experience unpleasant feelings around that person. This may explain what some experience around stepparents; politic candidates; or “other” philosophies, nationalities, genders, and races.

But beyond the limited perceptions of our reality, we are all literally transparent, as we are energy. Energy communicates through waves and doesn’t have boundaries. This is our authentic nature. When we consciously choose to resonate with this side of our story, we can transcend our limited perceptions and create expansive waves to create our best version of our reality.

Quartz crystals’ energy and transparency can help you restore your resonance with your transparency. Using crystals as tools for healing, you have the opportunity to amplify and transform your mind’s contents. They enable you to pervade the physical and energetic structures of your mind and your body, to expand any energetic fixed pattern, and to thereby restore energy motion and well-being.

If our perception has the capacity to shape our reality, in theory, conscious intervention—working with crystals—can increase the range of possibilities in our lives. This could mean that our energy fields potentially contain the option that we are healthy rather than sick, that we have an abundant life rather than one deprived of well-being, and that we enjoy happiness instead of living in sorrow.

Crystals connect us with the energy universe and can help us heal our world, which is just waiting for a conscious observer to influence it and bring it into reality!

Crystals’ properties can help us with this, as we will see in the next post.

Expand your world now through crystal energy vibrations.

To learn more about crystalizing your reality and healing through energy vibrations, check out The Crystal Blueprint.

Weekly Crystal Practice: Who Am I?

As you have read, everything is energy—in other words, transparent. This exercise will help you resonate with the transparent world and your transparent vibration.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply through your nose to balance your energy. Repeat this as many times as necessary until your mind is crystal clear.

When you are ready ask yourself, Who am I? Take three deep inhalations and exhalations and choose the crystal with which you resonate the most from the crystal screen below.

Always keep this particular crystal close to you. I would suggest wearing it over your heart.

Once you have chosen your crystal, you can use it to focus your perception and guide the expanding, pulsating waves toward your transparent being. These waves will help dissipate all that is fixed inside of you. Focus your attention on the chosen crystal over your heart and let the expansive waves do their work. Keep a journal. We would love you to share your experiences with us.

Enjoy this crystalline journey, as this crystal will guide you to reconnect with your most transparent self and expansive life.

Shine on!