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We all understand the danger of “keeping up with the Joneses” — overspending, overdoing, and over proving ourselves so we can be as happy, successful and loved as our neighbors. It never ends well.

minimalist jonses

But what about the minimalist Jonses? What about keeping up with people who are living simple, beautiful, amazing lives? Is it ok if we chase that lifestyle?

Is it ok to keep up with the minimalist Joneses?

Yes and no.

Yes at first, if you are interested in simplifying your life. Seeing how someone changed their life, in this case by simplifying, can encourage you to make positive changes in your own life. You may be able to avoid some of the roadblocks by following other people’s advice too.

Do things that simplify your life if you want to simplify your life.

No, once you get the hang of things because you aren’t in this to have a simple life. You are in this to have a life. Your life … your life filled with the things that matter to you.

No, if you are trying to measure up. Comparing your success with minimalism by measuring it against the success of someone else’s minimalism isn’t helpful. It doesn’t tell you anything. It may feed your ego by telling you that you are good because you live with fewer items than someone else or that you are bad because you have too much stuff, but not accurate.

If you must measure, change your measuring system. You can’t measure your life and the person you are with someone else’s ruler.

Measure by the way you feel. If you feel less stressed, minimalism may be working for you. If you feel like you have more freedom, you might be heading in the right direction. If your heart feels full at the end of the day, keep simplifying.

Simplifying my life has allowed me to do things that matter to me but those things may not be part of the vision you have for your life. I’m often inspired by minimalist bloggers and podcasters to try new things and consider new ideas but eventually it has to come back to how those recommendations support the kind of life I want.

Maybe you are simplifying to be healthier, maybe not. Minimalism may be of interest because you want to work for yourself, or not. There isn’t one right way or reason to simplify your life.

The minimalist Jonses are still Jonses.

Be inspired and then do what’s best for you.