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This is the Special Occasion You’ve Been Waiting For

Written by Courtney Carver

Noticing what you love can help you release what you don’t.

If decluttering is hard because you think letting go is hard, start by considering what you know you want to keep. What are your favorite things? Once you’ve identified your favorites, it may be easier to let go of the other stuff.

favorite things list

If you have five coffee cups in your kitchen, chances are, one of them is your favorite. Drinking from your favorite coffee cup might brighten your day, or remind you to take a few minutes for yourself. It’s not that there is anything particularly special about the cup, other than it’s your personal favorite and it enhances the way you experience your day.

It adds value to your life.

You may have a bunch of clothes hanging in your closet but it’s likely that you have a favorite outfit. You don’t wear it all the time, but you wish you could. Instead, you try to wear the other things because you spent so much money on them, or because someone told you that you shouldn’t wear so much black, or that your wardrobe was boring. Your favorite outfit feels good on your body.

It adds value to your life.

Are you saving some of your favorite things for a special occasion or trying to keep them safe? Is there a beautiful china set your grandmother gave you hiding in your attic in layers of bubble wrap? Are there sentimental items carefully placed in boxes that you never get to enjoy? Are you keeping the good stuff safe for a special occasion or to give to someone someday?

Wouldn’t it add more value to your life if you were enjoying it now?

Even though stuff is just stuff, I’d rather write with my favorite pen in my favorite journal, with my favorite tea in my favorite cup.

The best way to enjoy your favorite things is to only own your favorite things.

If you are saving the good stuff for a special occasion, this is the special occasion you’ve been waiting for.

Life is a special occasion.

Use the good dishes. Wear and enjoy your favorite things. Let go of the rest.