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There is no doubt that minimalism can change your life, but it doesn’t take a complete overhaul or radical shift to notice the benefits.

When change feels too big, it’s harder to get started, so I suggest small steps. Instead of the pressure of going all in, think about what it would feel like to live with just a little bit less.

Start with 5% less

Think about the time and space you could create for yourself and everyone around you if you cut 5%.

  • Send 5% less email.
  • Give away 5% of your stuff.
  • Tweet 5% less.
  • Go to sleep 5% earlier.
  • Worry 5% less.
  • Eat 5% less junk.
  • Spend 5% less time plugged in.
  • Make your to-do list 5% shorter.
  • Complain 5% less.
  • Cut your spending by 5%.

5% is just enough to make a difference and give you the momentum to edit more deeply.

5% sounds paltry in comparison to 50%, but if you compare it to 0% it sounds pretty amazing. Instead of comparing at all, just move forward with one area of your home or life and enjoy the benefits of 5% less.

You might experience …

  • fewer hangers in your closet
  • more space on your book shelf
  • a few extra minutes to read or do something you really enjoy
  • a better attitude
  • momentum and inspiration for another 5%

With each 5% you will become more focused and intentional and the quality of your work, relationships and life will increase exponentially.

It’s ok to start small and much better than not starting at all.