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Getting rid of your stuff isn’t easy and can be slow-going, but what’s the rush anyway?

Living with less comes with amazing benefits like free time and space, more money, and better relationships, but slow, deliberate shifts will be more sustainable than radical change.

Simplify your life at a pace that works well for you and your family. Identify the roadblocks and things that get in the way, so you can continue to make progress even when the next step feels like a challenge.

Roadblock: Just in case

One thing that gets in the way of simplifying is the stuff you hold on to just in case.

You know the stuff I’m talking about.

  • The extra towels just in case you have guests, even though you haven’t had guests since 1998.
  • The fat or skinny clothes that do not fit, just in case you gain or lose weight.
  • The VCR tapes, cassettes and other outdated media, just in case you actually bring them somewhere to have them updated to a new platform which will soon be obsolete.
  • The nice dishes, just in case you don’t want to eat on the plates you eat on every day.
  • The gift your friend gave you, just in case she asks you about it, even though you still don’t know what it is.
  • The plastic piece that fell off the back of your remote control or something else that you can’t remember, just in case you do remember.
  • The key that hasn’t belonged to any door or lock in recent history, just in case it suddenly does.
  • The sweatshirt your ex left behind, just in case you get back together.
  • The ski poles you have, even though you live in the tropics, just in case you move back to the snow and take up skiing again.
  • The fax machine collecting dust in your office just in case faxing becomes a thing again.

Sometimes you won’t even realize what your just in case items are until you attempt to get rid of them. When you do, you’ll notice that you set it aside or pass it by with a very strong sense that you might need it someday.

Instead of conquering your just in case fears overnight, prove yourself wrong. Make a little just in case box and fill it with all of the things that you think you might need someday. Put the box out of sight and don’t label the box with the contents. If after 30 or 60 days you forget what was in the box, or realize you never had to retrieve a just in case item, donate the box.

Please comment below with the items you keep just in case. Sometimes saying them out loud feels silly, but it really helps you to let go and inspires others to let go too.