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Spending less than two minutes every morning choosing what to wear

For the last four to five years, I have spent less than two minutes every morning choosing what to wear when I wake up. I don’t lay out my clothes the day before, I just get up and choose random items from boxes. That’s it. For me, this was an important achievement.

Before making the change, I would waste time getting ready in the morning. The main issue was less about the minutes lost debating with myself about what to wear, and more about starting my days with a sense of doubt. I never really felt fully satisfied with the way I dressed.

So I started simplifying my clothes and gradually created what is commonly known as a ‘capsule’ wardrobe. To start with, I limited the number of different colors. Black, gray, and white. That’s it. I only kept styles that complimented each other and removed one-off pieces that never got worn. This is now a foolproof system for me that works without a hitch.

But, the real timesaver for me was how I organized my clothes. I have three boxes.

Every morning when I wake up, I take an item from box-set one (trousers), an item from box-set two (sweaters/long sleeves), an item from box three (hoodies/vests) if it is really cold.

I just pick one out and I know that it will look good. I don’t worry about wearing the same outfit ‘too often’ since I would rotate and simply pick the next item in the box. My boxes look small but in total, I have 11 trousers, 21 sweaters/long sleeves and 9 hoodies/vests.

This was my first Minimalism Project and my first experience with Minimalism in general. It has not only made me more efficient and dress better, but this project has also made me appreciate what I have—both in terms of physical possessions and time.