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And we pile things on

At a time when the sanctity of my inbox is ruined by promotional mails from millions of e-commerce sites announcing I am missing the last minute sale of ‘mindless things’ that are of actually no use to me. And me being tempted to make that purchase every time, I finally took a step back to identify the pattern that I like other FOMO-crowds are falling into.

And this is what I found… (Prepare for some brutal honesty, which I know many others would relate to)

You know the empty feeling you sometimes get in your busy life that is chalked through the calendars of weekdays and to-do lists, where you feel that a “shiny new thing” on sale on that shopping site is just the thing that will make you happy and fill the hole in your life!  And this new shiny toy makes us happy for some time until we get bored of it and all that excitement goes away and then we feel like we have to buy some other “new and shiny” thing! If your answer was ummm yeah, then congratulations you are also a part of this generation’s latest cool trend of depression and meaningless consumption.

We have to realize that more is not always the better! The more physical possessions one has aren’t more happiness, but are the redundancy of having more stuff to manage! My possessions do not define who I am as a person!

My cute office bag is not who I am, the quirky notebook with a fabric cover is also not who I am, although it contains most of my mind! Such a consumerist approach to life actually devolves us from controlling our choices, to our choices controlling us and decides what we buy, how much and how often.

We have an obsession that is unchecked and others compare and compete with us based on our material possessions, hilariously enough! The universe, space and time may be infinite and our trend of over-consumption maybe based on that idea of having it all, that eventually lets the greater global economic system take the advantage of workers, draining resources and rusting our spirits!

It is time we comprehend the real infinite, it is time we take contentment in being our truly finite self yet perfectly balanced and complete. We will then be able to slow down our minds spinning in resonance with the world and dilate the pupils of attention on what really matters – the histories of this world is made not of those who own, but of those who create!