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Nope. As someone who has lived in several tiny houses and has many friends/family who does as well, I can say with absolute certainty that this isn’t the case.

One of the things you realize when you do downsize is how much useless crap and unused space you actually have. In my previous 3br/2.5 bath townhouse, we generally hung out in the living room and went to sleep in the bedroom. The downstairs family room could have very well been a showroom for the use it got. Our extra bedrooms were used maybe once, max two times a year by family members. There is a massive difference between the space you think you need and the space you actually need.

As far as belongings, I go by this rule:

“If I didn’t know the item existed, haven’t thought about it in years or haven’t used it recently — it gets tossed”

You wouldn’t believe how much crap we have in our houses that falls into this category. How many of your clothes do you actually wear? How many of your books will you actually read again? How much furniture do you actually use, or is it just an object that fills up space? The reason I wanted a tiny house was because of a change in life philosophy in that I realized how much crap we have that we don’t need. I’ve never sat there and been like “man I wish I hadn’t thrown that out!”, but rather “I can’t believe I kept that crap for so long”.

If you’re smart about building your tiny house it provides everything you need while being future proof. Tiny houses can be extremely modular and you can:

  • Add a basement with small family room/storage
  • Build storage into spaces like underneath the staircase
  • Expand the tiny house with a two bedroom extension
  • Our bedroom extension’s roof doubles as a terrace for the master bedroom
  • Add a shed out back for storage and also additional solar panels.
  • Add a nice porch/deck to extend the living area outside

Not to mention with proper planning you have no utilities and no mortgage payment which equals financial freedom and the ability to travel at will, which is what I currently do. If someday I decided to have children there is plenty of room with the basement/family room and two-bed extension. Even my family who aren’t residing in tiny houses love staying in them. Many people who build tiny houses choose a good location where you can be outside a lot of the time (beach, woods, etc.) so space becomes even less of an issue. As far as any apocalyptic scenarios, I’m pretty sure I’m better off than most and my house couldn’t be torn apart. It’s built on a slab and has steel reinforcement, not to mention I’m not in an urban area and 100% self-sustaining (solar, well water, garden).

I understand the article was meant to be a little funny/satirical but it seems like you don’t understand why most people move into a tiny house. If holding onto unused material possessions is important to you as well as having large sections of your home unused, just so you can say that you have a big home, a tiny house isn’t for you.

While I haven’t ever thought I made a mistake, I have thought I made a huge mistake by not doing this sooner.