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This is part 8 where I give myself 5 minutes each day to delve in deeper on the22 life learnings after 7 days at burning man.

“Society has given us so many conveniences to live with, but we are capable of living with so much less. Try reflecting what materials you don’t need in life and gift them to others.”

I remember worrying what to bring to survive out in the desert months before Burning Man. Everything from what clothes to wear to which towel to bring crossed my mind. But when I was out in the Playa, I realized I was self-sufficient with a pair of leggings, scarf, jacket, and boots while carrying my backpack that consisted of some snacks and canteen of water. There would be nights where I would not go back to camp because I found beds or hammocks floating around (thank you whichever camp did that as their gift), and woke up happily and well rested. My biggest anxiety would be the restroom and showers (because no one wants THAT horrible bathroom experience in the middle of the desert), but with basic portal potties and no shower, the week passed by with a breeze.

My point here is that we often over worry about what we should buy or have in life because we have too many options or just have FOMO. If you can believe that all your needs are taken care of and you are self-sufficient with what you have today, you are probably 99% right.

I decided to practice this minimal lifestyle when I got back. It was the perfect time as I had just rented out my apartment to a friend. So I decided I’d take 1 large backpack (packed with 5 pairs of undergarments, socks, and shirts, 3 pants and shorts, 2 jackets, and my toiletries), 1 small backpack (packed with my volleyball essentials), and 1 work bag (packed with my laptop and work essentials) to my office. And so for the past 2 weeks, I’ve slept on a couch completely sufficient with the least amount of items in my possession. Sounds crazy to some people, but it’s been so much fun.

My way of living has inevitably changed to something simple and free of many distractions. And the best part? Whenever I need something, I treat it as an adventure for me to go seek.

If you have ever thought of trying a minimal lifestyle, experiment with it for a finite time so it’s not too scary. Though you may not be able to use your office, try couch surfing or renting an Airbnb. You’ll quickly realize there’s so much you own that’s unnecessary, and when free of all those distractions, you’ll free up so much time to spend connecting with others or taking care of your physical & mental self.