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Hey there rebel! Today I want to talk about something I’ve been preoccupied with for most of my life with — time.

When you’re obsessed with time, you account for every second.

You account for the time you’re spending on somebody else’s paycheck; the time you waste in binge-watching guilty-pleasure series; the time it takes you to create or get to creating something because you’re a procrastinator. Basically, every second is a glare that blinds you to the moments you can actually enjoy and turn into something worth having.

Because when you’re preoccupied with time, you spend a lot of it waiting.

Waiting for the day when you have more than enough time to pursue your dreams; waiting for the day when all the odds are in your favor; waiting for the day when your responsibilities melt away and you are a free man/woman; waiting for the day when you finally feel ready…

Here’s the thing: You’re waiting for a day that will never come.

I don’t want to disillusion you or say no to your dreams. On the contrary; I want to wake you from this constant state of waiting. And I want you to see that you can do ANYTHING at ANY TIME, whatever anyone else — or your conscience — might say. Wining you lies the power of CHANGE. But as any other power, you have to activate it yourself. Not wait for permission. Or for a day when you are forced to move your a** and make the change.

Most of us secretly wish that something will happen to make things different, but it’s up to YOU to make things happen.

Let’s take an inventory of all the times I’ve waited in my life:

  • When I was a teen, I waited to wake up different and popular.
  • When I was in University, I waited for the day I would stop procrastinating.
  • When I was in Uni still, I waited for “the perfect story” to start writing.
  • When I was in my early 20’s, I waited to have more money to travel.
  • When I fell into a quarter-life crisis, I waited for the day when I would finally figure out a way to balance my passions and my work, but I had to finally stop waiting, and create my own new reality, and that was the single hardest thing I have ever done, and the best.

When I talk to my clients, I keep hearing the same objections over and over — I have too little time, I don’t have enough money to do that, It’s too hard, I don’t feel motivated, I have too many responsibilities to start my own business on the side, and these objections could PARALYZE anyone.

I hope you don’t know what it feels like to be truly helpless, to be literally paralyzed. Luckily, I only know the feeling indirectly, though my dreams. I have had that dream many times — being unable to move my body and relying on others to move me from place to place or suddenly falling rigid on the ground — usually in a bathroom somewhere.

Not being able to move (metaphorically) is a terrifying feeling, and it could easily become the way you see your life on a spiritual and emotional level.

In Psychology, we call it “learned helplessness”. It’s a condition where you’re unaware that you have a choice in a certain situation or moment, and it’s always a lieYou always have a choice, whether you believe it or not.

Today you have a choice between:

  • WAITING and-

And don’t even get me started on “personality problems” because I’m the queen of procrastination and multipassionate distraction and moods that are all over the place. I know more about not having control over your own mind and life than you will ever know.

Yet, I fight every day to get there; wherever “there” is. 🙂

Today I am proud to announce that despite my natural inclination to leave things unfinished, I finish everything I start, even the big things. I am also proud to say that I am managing my moods on a daily basis, which means I can do more work consistently than any other time in my life. And finally, I’m not lost between my many passions anymore because I have a brand that evolves as I do in time. I officially won this round, Mother Nature.

Which goes to show — whoever you are, whatever you do, you can change and you can be better.

But you need help. The help of tools. Methods. Coaching. Whatever it takes to get you from where you are now to where you want to be soon.

Finally, believe me — or better yet, believe yourself — that you can get anywhere if you’d only make the right choice right now. See, everything is a habit — writing, working, waiting, etc. Choose the right habit, believe you have the discipline to carry it through (or get help here), and open your life to the endless possibilities of success and personal growth and fulfillment.

I know you can do it. And I know you know it, too.