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Parachutes, FOMO and Bandwagons. Let’s talk about it.

Most of us are living a lie.

You dream big but act small. You watch motivational videos and get all pumped up one moment, and the next moment you are right there, feeling low as f. You know you deserve much more than what life is throwing at you. I know you have the potential to make it big. But what’s freaking stopping you? What’s always pushing you back into the void you are constantly trying to escape? What’s not letting you live?

You are ambitious, good, but are you f*cking committed?

The problem is not that you dream big, you work hard or you are super ambitious. The problem is that you are NOT committed to whatever you want to achieve.

Be Like Grass, Not A Parachute

A parachute starts it’s journey up in the skies and ends down on the ground. You must realize that your big dreams and high expectations are not going to take you anywhere. You can’t reach the top floor unless you take the first step of the ladder, then the second and then the third and so on.

Grass takes a lot of time to grow but it always goes upwards. Be like Grass. Think big but don’t expect a lot. If you want to build a business, you must accept the fact that you are no Steve Jobs. Your circumstances and environment is totally different than that of him and results WILL take time to manifest. You must realize that big changes don’t take place overnight and the only way to reach the top is to start from the very bottom.


It’s not just you who missed out working at a startup that later on raised a billion dollars and did a massive IPO. It’s not just you who brainstormed an idea but did not work on it and later on found out that someone has already built a unicorn using that idea. It’s not just you who could have invested small amounts at IPOs of FB, GOOG, AMZN and accumulated colossal fortunes today.

Starting another co-working space company with a little bit of a twist and an awesome-sounding yet shitty USP won’t make a difference.

The fear of missing out is real but it’s not necessary for you to feel it. It’s rather dangerous because it sets panic and makes you take reckless and stupid decisions.

All you have to do is cancel out all the noise and focus only on what you are supposed to do. Stop thinking about all that you could have done, instead plan about all that you can still accomplish.


“If you see a Bandwagon, it’s too late” — James Goldsmith

Until now you were doing absolutely fine as a Java developer but now you just read about how Artificial Intelligence is going to be the next gold mine and you just can’t stop thinking about it. You log into Coursera and sign up for Andrew Ng’s ML course.

A week later, you meet an old friend Daniel and find out he has just launched an ICO and now Crypto and Blockchain is your new favorite industry.

Oh wait, Rebecca tweets about her new IoT company and now you have yourself googling for the best Arduino course online.

Come on man. Just remember the quote that I mentioned above and stick to what you are doing.

Always keep yourself updated with everything that’s new but don’t try to ride each and every wave, don’t jump on the next bandwagon just because it sounds awesome.

The problem with you is that you purposefully ignore and distract yourself from what you deep down want for yourself. You have all the potential in the world. You have the potential to be the next Jobs, Musk or Bezos. All you lack is commitment and patience and that’s why you are neither happy nor successful yet.

That’s all for now. I have a lot more to talk about but let’s save that for later. Peace and love to all ♥️