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Millennials have this tendency to jump around a lot — In relationships, in jobs, in the locations in which they live.

I, personally, can be a “poster child” for the stereotypical Millennial who has dated a number of guys, had multiple jobs, and moved from apartment to apartment all within a few short years.

Since college, which was six years ago now, I have had a total of seven different jobs. On average, that’s basically one new job every year.

Evidently, I am no stranger to adapting to change. I’m more than familiar with the “new hire process” and pretty much know the adjustment period for a new job like the back of my hand.

So, after all of these experiences, you’d think that I would be very comfortable with the uncomfortable part by now, right?

Absolutely not.

The beginning stages of anything is always a little tricky. You’re still trying to make a good first impression, you’re learning new things, and you’re getting to know the lay of the land. And it’s different with every new scenario.

Your confidence isn’t exactly at 100% because you still don’t really know what you’re doing —which is completely fine. You’re not going to be amazing at every new thing that you try right off the bat.

So, during this phase of insecurity, uncertainty, and slight confusion, it’s easy to have the urge to quit while you’re ahead. It’s easy to want to just give up and save yourself the trouble and embarrassment of potential failure; to go back to your comfort zone of the familiar.

But that’s not how you grow.

Sometimes, the moments when we feel we need to flee are really the moments we need to just stay still.

Sometimes, the moments when we struggle the most are the moments when we experience the most growth. And the moment that we’re about to give up is the usually the moment when the miracle is about to happen.

The thing about Millennials is that we are so used to immediate satisfaction. We’re used to immediate knowledge, immediate action, and immediate results. We often don’t realize how fortunate we are to have access to information and resources right at our fingertips at all times. We don’t realize the foundation that was laid for us to get here; the path that was paved for us to walk on.

And the thing about Millennials in reaction to struggle or experiencing slow results is that we don’t like to take our time.

We don’t like to wait. We don’t stop to think. We don’t assess the situation fully. We don’t want to do the work or go through the hard part. We just want to get to the good stuff — The part where we are triumphant.

I’m not at all knocking my generation for our over-ambition or enthusiasm for immediacy. Quite frankly, we too have accomplished a great deal in our lifetime because of our fiery spirits and boldness.

Instead, what I am suggesting is that we stay still for a bit before we immediately jump ship.

We’re so quick to respond, so quick to act, and so quick to react that we don’t really think of the long-term or the consequences of our actions. We don’t understand the virtue of patience.

They say that good things come to those who wait — Well, I can provide real-life testimonies in which this has happened for me.

It has taken me a long time to practice the art of staying still and being patient. To be honest, it’s still a quality that I am working on. But, I can say that taking my time on the more important life decisions has been far more beneficial than making snap decisions the way I used to.

Rushing through life is a formula for error. You’re more prone to making mistakes when you rush and things will get messy.

There’s a reason why the “getting to know somebody” phase is so crucial when it comes to dating — It’s so that you don’t end up with the wrong person or wind up getting your heart broken (Though, that’s not to say that won’t happen because well, it often does).

But, know that it’s okay to take your time when the risks outweigh the rewards. Sometimes, you just need to stay still before you make your next move. There’s nothing wrong with that.