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Why do we give? Do we give to receive or because we enjoy giving?

Personally, I have given with expectation and I have learned how to let go and give without expectation. Sure, it’s nice to receive a thank you or something in return, however I questioned where that desire for reciprocation was coming from and why I expected something back.

In questioning this, I discovered that I wanted to work on giving without expectation.

The best gifts are the ones that we give freely. The trick is to get away from our own egos and accept that we may not get something back.

Here are 5 tips on how to let go on the need for your gift to be returned — even with a simple “Thank You”:


All we really need is love and that begins with loving ourselves. If we are continually looking outside ourselves for gratification and acknowledgement we are not really giving with a full heart.

When we have a full heart, truly love ourselves and know our worth, we can give so much more to others. We can know that blessing the other person is coming from a full heart and not a lack of love.

With a full heart, we need nothing back because we are already full. Giving from this place is a gift in itself since we don’t go into it expecting some form of love to be returned.

That is a very powerful and peaceful place to be.


Abundance is a very large quantity of something. When you believe in abundance, you can give away nearly everything and know that you will still have plenty.

When you are an abundant thinker, you see that material things as just that — material. They are tangible items and don’t really hold power over us unless we let them.

When we give away money, clothing, presents and other items, we can truly live in abundance by believing at a heart level that we need nothing. We live in a place of knowing that gifting to others and sharing our material things can bless them in amazing ways.

Take for example going to a developing country with extra clothing, shoes, toiletries and other items. When you gift those things to the people there, they are so appreciative and their lives are better because we believed in abundance and chose to give those things away.

We bless people in amazing ways when we believe that we have enough and can constantly give things away.


I think deep down we all want others to prosper and have wonderful lives. When we give simply because we want others to be happy we are filled with love and need nothing more in return.

If you have something to give — whether its love, an item you own, or your time, you obviously feel that you have enough of that to give away. The reason to give in this situation is to make someone else’s life better.

If you have plenty, give some of that away and bless another person’s life. Not only do you get the joy of giving, but you know that you are helping someone else feel full in some way.

This creates a world around you where everyone is included and loved — and what better feeling than that?!


In life, we run into people that rub us the wrong way. We start to resent them and may even resist having a relationship with them. We don’t really care to interact with these people, let alone give them a gift.

I think that this is the perfect time to give someone a gift. When we are in resistance and resentment we often look to get some type of revenge. This doesn’t mean we plot their demise, but we may just ignore them or keep a part of ourselves inaccessible to them. That is also a form of revenge.

The best way to get out of this cycle is to give a gift. When you give a gift, you automatically tell your mind and heart that you are full and don’t hold any ill will or bad feelings towards that person.

It’s just like forgiveness — people don’t always deserve it, but we forgive because it gives us freedom and ultimately helps us let go of anger and bitterness.


When we give and hope to receive back from the same person, it can be seen as very narrow minded. The way the world works is that once you give something away, you automatically create space to be able to receive. Also, it is said that we receive back 10x what we give.

It doesn’t mean that we will receive back from the same person or organization to which we give.

An example would be giving to a charity — we don’t get back from the charity necessarily (possibly a tax receipt), but we give because it feels good.

That is one of the first ways we get back when we give — it gives us joy. That in itself is a gift.

Often, we see the cycle go even further when we give here and receive from there. When you keep the cycle going it never stops, and you will always see your giving returned in some way — it may just be in a completely different manner that you expect.

So keep giving and do it often, knowing that the joy inside is more than enough. Needing nothing in return is a powerful place to be!