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If you know enough is enough, you’ll always have enough

I am content with my life as it is now.

I think about the riches I already possess instead of striving to acquire more.

I focus on gratitude.

I find creative ways to express my thanks, so I can avoid taking my blessings for granted.

I write a poem for my spouse or surprise a coworker by nominating them for an award.

I enjoy the journey.

As I work towards my goals, I appreciate the process as well as the destination.

I give myself credit for trying and learning from my experiences.

I simplify my routines and adjust my priorities.

Going to the park with my children gives me as much pleasure as taking an exotic vacation.

A nourishing home-cooked meal relieves my hunger just as well as a dinner at a fancy restaurant.

I buy less.

I value experiences more than objects.

I limit my exposure to advertising.

I am content with my job.

I find fulfillment in using my talents to serve others whether I am a vice president or an intern.

I am content with my relationships.

I appreciate my family and friends even when we have conflicts and disagreements.

I am content with myself.

I develop my gifts, so I can reach my potential rather than fix my flaws.

Today, I choose to be happy instead of waiting for something or someone outside of myself to change my situation.

Inner contentment makes me rich regardless of how much money I have or how many possessions I own.