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I mean really?

When does the shit end and the rainbows begin if you are individuals who just want to live a solid existence?

Let’s set the tone here. I am an INTJ female. I mention this because if you are one of the mindset of psychological disposition analysis, it sets the context of where my perspective comes from. The Myers Briggs Typology Index type of INTJ is described by adjectives such as: cold, analyzers, optimizers, autonomous, judgemental, socially stunted, etc. etc. (link is here if interested in the Index or INTJ’s).

In a nutshell, I feel we want to make sense of everything around us and nothing is off limits to our curiosity and motivation towards understanding.

That said, I personally am one who is drawn to the more esoteric mindsets surrounding the concept of Karma. It is an ideology that is used as both a cliche and a principle. My longtime interest in the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, eventually led down the rabbit hole into the concept of Karma. I affiliate with the overarching mentality that if you live your life with the intention of a certain level of integrity, that you will have that intention rewarded. If you do not, you do not reap the similar benefits.

Karma according to the online dictionary is as follows:

often capitalized : the force generated by a person’s actions held in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetuate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person’s next existence

Each individual is born with karma, the residual from past lives that must be resolved …

— Diane Goldner

broadly : such a force considered as affecting the events of one’s life

Claude says, “You reap what you sow.” I call this idea karma, that what goes around comes around.

— Anthony Walton

Before I continue, I want to acknowledge that this is a topic that has potential to have individuals rip into the minutiae of karmic definitions, philosophical arguments, spiritual ideologies of multiple lives, ‘life isn’t fair’ and such. I absolutely agree that the above can be argued extensively. This article is written to speak only to the concept of ‘why Karma isn’t pulling through?’.

IF, I one is a person that overall strives to add to the value of society, why do things become heaped on one like a gargantuan shit sandwich between two pieces of Walmart label Wonderbread wannabe bread?

My preference for the ‘if-then’ of logic struggles to make sense of how this Karmic proposition does not seem to play out.

You hear it all the time. ‘He’s going to get what’s coming to him’. Or, ‘She will be held accountable on the Other Side’. Best, is ‘the Universe manages the checks and balances’.

But do these actually happen? While I understand the concept of living with integrity can be argued as incredibly subjective, there are some pretty universal agreements as to what integrity means for the general population.

Philosophers have spoken to these issues ad nauseam however this is of little solace when you are stuck in the trenches with your own individual triple stack shit-sandwich to snack on.

My father just recently responded during a general coffee conversation that included my spouse’s and my current interesting situation when I wrapped it up with ‘when it rains it pours’.

His retort: ‘No, this is a Monsoon’.

Maybe this thirty second exchange is the reprieve I needed. It is the brief Karmic break in the clouds that provided mental respite I didn’t know I needed. It resonated enough with me to become my heart’s security blanket over the last while.

I wasn’t even lamenting prior to this response. I think that made it resonate more. It established relevance, value and empathy to a finite ‘Monsoon’ without any cajoling or expectation.

Maybe my Karma is found in that perfect moment when wants and needs are spontaneously met.

The bad guys can deal with their own good or bad situation. I cannot ever assume what equates to their own experience. Carrying my expectation of their Karmic vengeance is perhaps not worth the weight.