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Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day

Worry creeps in on us most times unannounced. It is the face of many unfulfilled dreams, unachieved goals and worst of all the other human uncertainty factor. We just aren’t sure of how tomorrow would turn out! These are things that taint our minds and as a result colours the way we approach our lives. But we forget the power we have over the future just by our lives being broken down into packets of time; that is, what you call your future is just a lump of tomorrows and what we call the past is just a bunch of yesterdays. This means, if you want to have a good life, how you understand and use time is very important.

You can pause and reflect, how do I use today? How do I see the gift of today?

If the way you see the day is warped, it will affect how you view tomorrow and could affect your future. What you should do instead is have a healthy estimation of the day — today.

How? You ask.

It is called being present. Today is called the present. See it as a present. Use it as a present. View it as a present. The time you’ve been gifted with, make good use of it. Use it to search for something that presents itself now that you didn’t see yesterday. Where it matters, you can even create something new and better you didn’t or couldn’t the day before. Look for the good in the day or rather, create the good in the day.

Rise up confidently as the day wanes on and tell yourself it’s going to be a great day for you, nothing will mar the day. You are in charge of your life and that’s how it’s going to be. Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow is on its way, but today is all you have. Mind you, what you do today can affect how tomorrow presents itself. And not just that, every new day is a brand new opportunity at getting better, personal re-invention or correction of some missteps of yesterday (those you can correct anyway).

All I’m saying is you might not be able to change yesterday, but you can from now set the tone for tomorrow.

“What does the future look like?” a friend asked. I replied; “The future looks like one day at a time!”

Sometimes, we have lapses in planning, we make mistakes that are often catastrophic and can change the entire course of our lives and even at times, things we didn’t plan for or expect show up on our doorsteps and these things ruin all we’ve had previously thought out and planned for. You know those ‘flawless’ plans of yours, those well scripted goals you thought were perfect with no tweaks till life shows up and forces you to take a detour? And you end up so dejected and hopeless?

These shouldn’t drive us to despair as hard and tough as it may be. They happen all the time. Cry all you would, but don’t let it stop you. Pick yourself up, and challenge yourself to remain in the present. This would allow you to know what you need to do moving forward. Failure is your friend on this journey, let it not become your enemy. Let it not become that hurdle or giant you continue to feed till it becomes a scary monster you can no longer deal with.

Remember, life happens to all but we shouldn’t let this leave us without hope. This is the real risk! To be in a place where we are no longer optimistic. It paints a future of gloom, a picture that leaves nothing to be desired of life.

The strong, however, think of these detours differently. They take each day as a building block to a different, better tomorrow. That is, they locate the good in each day. These subtle opportunities to arise and grind all over or as a continuum, it doesn’t matter to them. They make goals and redesign them as life changes occur along the way.

They know once they can see these and think this way each and every day, their approach will be different and they will succeed in the long run. They are aware of the power they possess. They know the paintbrush is in their hands and it’s up to them what they choose to draw and paint on that easel. They don’t abdicate the responsibility of their lives to others or play the blame game. It’s how to be strong and how to stay strong.

Know this; the power to build your life is still in your hands, choose to run the day-your day or it runs you. It’s either you either rise from the ashes or you stay dead. It’s up to you!

But always remember, what matters is now.