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How to unclog it for a calmer psyche

Just like an overfilled pipe, your psyche gets congested. Your mind filters information, using your perspective to decide which thoughts will stick around.

If you focus on positive aspects of your environment, your mind will fill with joy. The opposite is true if you concentrate on subjects that bring you down.

Of course, you won’t need mental plumbing if you fill your mind with happy thoughts. If you’ve entertained negativity a lot, your psyche needs an overhaul.

Changing the way you think will get positivity flowing. These steps will get started.

Thoughts that clog your psyche

Adverse judgments (blame and criticism) about yourself and others make you unhappy. They produce a disallowing environment where joy can’t flow.

Going over potential problems also obstructs your mind’s highways. The more you worry, the bigger your concerns become. They develop into roadblocks impeding happiness.

Likewise, discontent makes you seek unsatisfying experiences. Let your disgruntlement grow, and it will color everything you say and do.

How to clear your psyche

Override the neural pathways made by negative thoughts and replace them with positive ideas to fill your soul.

Know that, like all habits, unwanted thoughts take time to change. You must be persistent with new behavior, repeating the notions you prefer to entertain.

Old thought patterns will emerge until your psyche is free, so be prepared. Don’t worry when they arise. Acknowledge them and see them as your cue to produce a better thought.

For instance, if the thought you and your spouse have grown apart pops up, think about what you have in common. Swap negative thoughts with those about the qualities you share and things you both enjoy.

For a while, unwanted thoughts may seem unwilling to leave. Their persistence is only a sign of how good you are at forming thought patterns though. As you’ve created patterns of thought before, you can do so again. Only this time, choose helpful thoughts on purpose.

Gratitude exercise to unclog your psyche

Help the clearing process along by flushing your mind with gratitude. You can’t hold two conflicting thoughts.

Consequently, there’s no room for negativity when you count your blessings.

Each day, spend ten minutes focusing on everything in your life for which you are thankful. Let gratitude fill your mind and change the way you think.

Issue changing exercise

Pick an issue you usually focus on negatively. It’s time to alter your thoughts on the subject.

There are always many facets to every situation. Previously, you’ve explored one aspect and ignored the rest.

For example, if you don’t like the way someone you’re close to behaves, look from a different angle. Instead of judging, seek an alternative view.

Might their behavior stem from a good intention? Could it be a survival mechanism? Might the individual be using all the knowledge and understanding they’ve got right now? Could you change your reaction rather than focusing on what you dislike?

There are many ways to look at any situation. Find a positive angle that serves your well-being. Soon, doing so will become a habit you can apply to any issue.

Your psyche might be congested, but you can remove obstructions. When you do so, positivity will flow. Acknowledge negative thoughts and turn them around. Make them positive, so joyousness comes easily.

Your mind will soon unclog. As a result, you’ll feel happy and make others happier too.