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Are you willing to lose yourself?

History is all about facts, some say that is written by the victors, others that it is the chronicle of a specific era. The truth is, that every period is determined by the altruistic sacrifice of selfishness of specific persons who give in to their creative passion.

Time is a relevant axiom which constrains action and at the same time gives value to the superiority of creation. A genius has to simplify life and play against the rules of nature simultaneously. The material assets are subjectively meaningless, under the scope of self-fulfillment and industrialization of thinking.

The base of everything lies in the unstoppable thirst for expression. A genius has to destroy the inner self every single day and gather the broken pieces into a continuous exploration. This fight is the pillar of success which brings to the surface a humble approach of an anthropocentric degeneration. In order to change the world, this endeavor never stops. Sisyphus, cursed by the gods to roll a huge boulder up to a hill in the underworld over and over again, is the perfect example of this endless torture.

Someone who can destroy himself, is capable at the same time to be the creator and the builder of something remarkable. Torture and pain, agony, misery and salvation in a constant movement.

Envision of the future, reconstruction of the world and recreation of something old, innovation, noise in the silence and darkness in the light. This is the suffer of a genius this is the sacrifice of creation and inspiration. Every person who changed the world was the bearer of this great burden.