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A relationship created everything to enable itself. A relationship created humanity to enable itself. A relationship created me to enable itself.

As I grow older, shedding things that could be replaced, I tend to hold near to my heart the things that endure and last.

What is the meaning of things?- The answer answered the meaning of things, but the question remained; and went recursively inward to find an answer that is itself recursive- the answer that lasts.

Self-pity of not having things gloomed the prospects of my living. I didn’t write. I was used to not having things I wish. I didn’t write. I found what I already have. I started writing.

What is our place in the universe? Why we can’t have equality? What am I? The answer didn’t give any answers but answered every question. It doesn’t have a beginning or an end. It is not contained by space. It didn’t answer anything, yet it is the meaning of everything.

This is the answer for the meaning of everything, the relationship between the oblivion and everything. This is the answer for the meaning of humanity, the relationship between the oblivion and the humanity. This is the answer for the meaning of our lives, the relationship between the oblivion and us.

Either we are adept in recognizing patterns or, the reality, actually, is of patterns, we have defined this oblivion based on that patterns. Some refer to that patterns as the act of him(/her/it) or he himself, a supernatural power, who gives the meaning for everything, and so we ought to seek him for everything. And some refer to that patterns as mere patterns, so that we ought to understand them and make our lives better accordingly.

Either way, the answer is an enduring stillness that provoke us to find answers ourselves(even in believing a supernatural power), and find our meaning through that endeavor. So, the answer is, at the end, either that helps us find answers ourselves, or something within ourselves that finds the answers; and this endeavor inevitably defines us, giving ourselves meaning.

This is the meaning of everything. Though it’s not manifested in to something we could perceive yet, nothing could deny it to be the answer for everything.

Things we go through in our lives dismantle our hearts; and we hope that we cease to exit. But, these are the situations that make us wise and mature, when we overcome them. At the end, we would be proud of those things, and we define ourselves more as a person who had gone through those situations. Then, why we expect that something should free us from things we are inflicted on, when they are the ones which would have a profound role in defining what we are? The deal of the relationship between you and the oblivion is that it helps you find who you are and gives you meaning for your life. You just have to be sure(believe/assume) that this relationship is taking care of you, and know that nothing in your life is unfair or other than something which makes you who you are.

The inequality that exits among us, for what so ever reason, is disheartening. First of all, inequality in how we are born, then, inequality in the access of basic needs like shelter, healthcare and education, and then, inequality in opportunity. These are just some of those issues that make our lives either inhabitable or undeserving. Why should all this inequality exist? The deal of the relationship between the humanity and the oblivion, stays the same as with an individual, is that it helps you find who humanity actually is and gives the meaning for humanity. May be, this inequality in our birth nourishes the uniqueness that we are destined for. Maybe, the inequality in the access of basic needs is what stimulates the core of humanity; and gives us meaning. I dare not say that we need this inequality to be what we are. But, because of this, we raise our voice for the unheard, we fight for the defeated, and in the transition of unprivileged to privileged, we see what is that we should keep our eyes on- the things that last- giving humanity the true purpose and meaning.

Its overwhelming to contemplate what we are, and what is our impact in this vast scheme of things- the everything. Its humbling and enraging not knowing a lot of things and knowing too little, the beginning and the ending of humanity, the ultimate truth that we could depend upon. There are miles to go in our journey of knowing more about the world and making our lives better, without which we defy the definition of what we are, among many galaxies. Being in a vast universe knowing too little is not optimal, as per standards, but this is what were in the past and this is what that lasted.

Weshould be in some understanding of this relationship, so that we could adhere to it and be efficient in dealing with ourselves in the future. All the things are just redundant. We have to deal with everything , as an individual or as humanity, within ourselves and any help we could get would be in that patterns that make our intentions a reality.

Its distressing that we can’t see, either easily or as a fact, any omnipotent caretaker to see that our lives are fair, and that the things around us are fair, and that our position in the universe is poised to be fair. But, this is what we have; we have to deal with everything within ourselves; and the patterns, if they exist at all, would come in to action helping us make our intentions real. These patterns could be that perfect omnipotent caretaker that we could all be comforted with.

All the things we shout at from the ends of the earth to the heavens, is to that oblivion and for that answer, that doesn’t answer anything but is the answer for everything.

Now, there are no one to shout at when the situation is unfair. We have to deal with it taking the strength and persevering through it, and we should have the intent of changing things. Then, the magical characteristics of this relationship would enable us potent to accomplish the task. This is the hope that led the humanity to sustain all the things that would rather destroy it.

We say things will be alright, how do we know that? We believe that wounds would heal and that we would find the right things for our life. We say, ‘if you are passionate just keep on doing it, someday you will achieve it, just don’t give up’; How do we know that its true? We hope. The deal of our relationship with oblivion. Though it’s not an answer for the suffering that make us want to quit, it is still, this hope, the answer for how we have to deal with it.

The relationship is invisibly woven in to the dynamics of our everyday life, in to the characteristics of our own self, and in to everything in the world, that, whether something is possible or something is not, or even for anything to be as it is or to become as it would be, would all comes down inevitably to this relationship. The relationship that created everything to enable itself.

This hope, the relationship, may seem to be a trivial fabrication, but only so much as we could be sure that we, actually, are the ones inside our bodies that take actions/decisions. Nonetheless, it sure works, and that makes it as real and reliable as possible. It worked for the humanity till now. We just wanted to see more patterns, and ventured to understand them to make our lives better. We need this hope, to be more civilized, but still be holding, all the way, what we are dear to our hearts. Without this relationship that stimulate hope, everything is meaningless, everything is redundant. But with this relationship, we already know the answer for everything, we just have to approve it to be true. And, no matter how difficult it is to adapt to the truth, we should. Because, at the end, it is the only sure thing that manifests us in to what we actually are, and that which lasts.