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As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

The vast majority of people struggle with trusting themselves fully which is pretty sad when it is contemplated upon. This is why it is so important to practice the art of trusting oneself within our own lives.

Why don’t we trust ourselves fully?

There are a number of reasons why we don’t trust ourselves fully. Let’s explore them below:

Negative Influences

Many of us have negative environments and influences around us which cause us to lack belief within ourselves and, therefore, not trust ourselves fully.

These negative influences must be removed at all costs because they are holding us back from our full potential in our lives. Make the decision to cut them out, no matter how emotionally difficult it might be to do so.

This is your life quality at stake.

No Proven Track Record

Many people don’t have a proven track record of disciplined action. As a result, they don’t see themselves as disciplined individuals and as people who can trust themselves fully to do things.

Understand that trust in one’s self comes about when we say that we’re going to do something and we stick with that commitment.

This is why I personally keep track of my disciplined behavior through various methods such as tracking through an app called Streaks and written forms of tracking as well.

Cultural Manipulation

Culture wants you to stick to a certain, rigid path and stay in your lane. They do this through various methods of manipulation via media, advertising, so on and so forth.

Think about it, if you become your own individual who has standards, then you likely won’t fall into the trap of consumerism which is what culture wants you to walk into.

Separate yourself as an individual and avoid cultural hypnosis.


The ego doesn’t wan to change and just wants you to remain within your comfort zone.

For the vast majority of people, a lack of self belief and trust is within their comfort zone because they have become victims within their lives. This becomes a vicious cycle that runs on the fuel of unhealthy momentum.

Understand your ego and practice a detachment from its impacts on your life.

These are just a few key reasons why we don’t carry a full trust within ourselves. Below, we’ll discuss the impacts of what this means for our lives in terms of results and manifestations.

Manifestations Of Lacking Self Trust

Lack of commitment

If we are unable to trust ourselves then we will never be able to fully commit and dive into a process of any kind.

This lack of commitment shows within our actions and mentality, following us like a dark cloud over our heads.

Unsustainable Results

Because we lack a commitment to the process, we lack results and even if we do get results, they are short term and unsustainable.

Gaining unsustainable results is often times frustrating because we are always lost as to why we get these types of results. The more we can understand that these results are a manifestation of not trusting ourselves fully, the more we can move closer to gaining sustainable results and breaking free of the chains that hold us back.


Self sabotage is one of the biggest obstacles that holds the vast majority of people back from gaining high quality results in life.

We’ve all been through self sabotage in one form or another and it’s really fascinating as to why it even occurs in the first place. Why would someone ever consciously do things that holds them back from their own personal growth? The answer is because it resides within unconsciousness which leads us to our next manifestation.


A lack of awareness and consciousness is a major culprit as to why we don’t trust ourselves fully because we aren’t even aware of the fact that we don’t trust ourselves fully.

This is why awareness is so essential within the process of gaining self trust. By moving from an unconscious state to a state of awareness, we become much more likely to remain in integrity with what we want to do and how we want to improve.

Emotional Turmoil

The individual who doesn’t trust him or herself is always wondering why they are unable to engage in trust with themselves. This sets off a cycle of self doubt, worry, depression, so on and so forth and results in emotional turmoil.

Emotional turmoil alone can destroy our health and lives.

Below, we’ll discuss how we can take steps to solve this problem of lacking self trust.

How To Gain Self Trust

Self trust is a recipe that requires three ingredients. Let’s explore these ingredients below:

Ingredient #1: Make a decision

We must decide if we actually want to trust ourselves fully. This sounds obvious, but many people fail to actually make a 100% committed decision.

Commit and decide.

Ingredient #2: Dedicated & disciplined action

We must be able to start the process of engaging in dedicated, consistent, and disciplined action. Over time, as we follow this momentum of action, we will start to begin to trust ourselves with the small things and gradually graduate towards trusting ourselves with the bigger things.

Self discipline is the path to self trust.

Ingredient #3: Taking care of oneself

Don’t expect yourself to trust your own judgement if you can’t even properly take care of your body.

Exercise, eat nutritious foods, sleep extremely well, move, laugh a lot, so on and so forth and it will make everything much easier.

These ingredients are very simple to understand, yet another thing to implement and practice. Don’t underestimate the power of these ingredients in creating a delicious dish of self trust because they work, just as long as you work alongside with them.