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An action, an event, or the sound of music can change our hearts and minds, and transform us

“It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed.”

This is one of my favorite affirmations from Louise Hay because when I hear this statement, I feel empowered to transform my mood and my life.

Our thoughts can bring us down, and they can bring us back up again, too. When we are feeling low, we can bring to mind a different thought and feel uplifted, sometimes we can see some entertaining event that takes us out of our heads and shifts our energy, and sometimes the sound of music is exactly what we need to change our state of mind.

On Wednesday, my thoughts needed an overhaul. My energy was low energy. I’m an American living alone here in a small French village, and this can be quite isolating. Most of my friends are in the US. I work alone in my apartment, so I haven’t formed a network of coworkers. I have met some friends, but building a network takes time. I am working on this, and it’s coming along slowly, but surely.

At any rate, I was feeling a bit down. So late that afternoon, I took a nap. When I awoke, I started working on the outline for my next book. I was feeling better after my nap; perhaps my mood was brought about from fatigue. About 30 minutes later, I heard, through my closed apartment windows, the sound of a brass band, full of spirit and life, echoing in the valley. It sounded so good I couldn’t help but smile.

I continued working for another 30 minutes until my curiosity and desire to see these incredible musicians do their thing got the better of me. It was 7:45 p.m. by this time, and I wanted to get out there before they stopped playing. I fixed my hair, threw on a sweater, and headed out to find the source of this message of joy.

I headed for the center of town, but that was not the direction from which the music was coming. So I followed my ears, and about two-tenths of a mile from my apartment, I found the band and a crowd of about 35 people enjoying appetizers and drinks, bopping their heads to the rhythm, and dancing to the music. Seeing this scene made me smile.

I crossed the street to join the crowd, but remained alone on the grass, watching the ten-piece brass band get their groove on. I stood there, allowing the vibrations of the notes that sprang forth from their instruments penetrate my being and transform my energy even further.

What a great time. I thought. Then I asked myself I wonder what the occasion is. I knew it wasn’t a town event simply because of the odd location. I got up my courage and asked a man who was left standing alone holding two beers, his and his wife’s (she was now on the dance floor).

“What’s going on tonight? Why the band?” I asked.

He responded, “It’s the 10th anniversary of this real estate agency.”

“Oh. I see. The band is really good.”

The next thing I knew the song had ended and another had started. The group who had been on the dance floor took a brief break and came over to us. They chatted for a few minutes and then pulled me out onto the dance floor! This was not what I had expected to do, but it was precisely what I needed to do.

There were about ten of us out there on the dance floor, including a woman in her eighties, dancing her heart out. I felt completely connected, at peace, and a part of this vibrant community, a community I’d felt so isolated from only hours before.

That night I met a British family and German woman who currently lives in Seattle and who visits Céret, France regularly. We exchanged contact information; whether we stay in touch or not, I’d made inroads. I’d stepped out of my comfort zone and had connected. It will be so much easier for me to start a conversation and connect the next time. That evening infused a bit of confidence in me. I felt so truly welcomed.

“It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed”.

I speak so much about how positive affirmations can change your mindset, and this is true. But sometimes it’s an action, an event, or the sound of music that triggers a change of heart and mind, and that transforms us.