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If you believe in the powers of the Universe AKA your higher-self then you will know that trust is the key to manifesting your desires. And sometimes the Universe will break down your walls and let it all crumble, leaving you to rebuild from scratch. This isn’t punishment, it gives you a chance to see how weak the foundations of a dream are. If it was meant to be then nothing could break down that career, relationship or any other desire you may have.

You always have a choice to stay in the rubble of a broken dream or you could begin to rebuild. You even have the choice to leave it all behind and find something entirely different. Nothing is off-limits in this world. There might not be the kind of magic like in novels or movies but you do have power. Use that power for bringing value to others and you will align yourself with higher vibrations that can make you feel magical.


Sometimes we can get caught up in forcing ourselves to put trust into the Universe. We cling tightly to control of a situation because we are worried out wish won’t come true and that can get in the way. It’s always better to surrender and let it go. You don’t need to linger on the trust you have, simply acknowledge it and get on with your life.

Unfortunately, we are worrisome creatures, letting the little things nag us when all we want is peace. If you’ve tried to manifest something into your life and then you sit and worry that maybe you don’t deserve it or you believe that something like that can’t happen for you, you’re only delaying your desires.

Let’s say you’ve ordered a pizza. They tell you what time your pizza will be ready, so patiently you wait for the pizza to arrive at your door. Sometimes it might be a bit delayed but you sit back and relax because you know the pizza is on its way even if it’s a little late. That is how manifesting should be, that is the type of trust you should put into the Universe. Wouldn’t it be silly to sit around worrying that the pizza will never show up because you don’t deserve it? What a waste of time and energy.

Sometimes we don’t always get what we ask for, take it as a blessing because maybe whatever it is you want isn’t meant for you right now. Everything happens for a reason, I truly believe that.

Don’t chase happiness, find joy in the present

I’ve written about this topic before but I’d like to touch on it again quickly. Happiness should always be found in the present moment, it’s not something that awaits you in the future. Enjoy what you have now, the life you’re living is a blessing even when it doesn’t feel that way. Yes, life can be hard and sometimes things seem so awful, but wait out the storm and you’ll soon see the rainbow. When you’re struggling on your darker days retreat within, let yourself be the comforting peace you need when life is a struggle. And when you finally see the light enjoy every moment of it.

Thanks for reading, have a great day ❤