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There are moments in our lives where things don’t go according to plan. We get fired from a job. Have a dramatic breakup. Fall out with a close friend. We’re always trying to hold on to what could have been.

If we could have said something to persuade our boss to let us keep our job.

We could’ve said something to keep our significant other from breaking up with us.

We realized who we thought was our best friend was pushing us out of their lives.

We get stuck on the “how come” and the “why us,” but we never think about “what can I learn from this?”

We never open our eyes to why these experiences could be a good thing. We have a hard time of letting go the people or things that shouldn’t be in our lives anymore.

You might not have needed that job you were so desperate to keep. You could’ve had interests elsewhere. Yet, you ignored them because you needed a stable income.

Or you finally found a stable relationship, but the person was a terrible match. You always made excuses for their behavior instead of calling them out on it.

Or you read a hateful comment on your latest social media post that had nothing to do with what you posted.

Why do we have such a hard time letting go of negative energy? Something that could have been detrimental to our well-being. There was a time where we weren’t concerned about what somebody tweeted or the latest Instagram filter. We didn’t care about algorithms and keeping up with what’s happening on the internet.

Yet, times have changed and now having an online presence is an essential part of our lives. It affects the way we interact with people in real life. Everything we do is being watched. Whether we’re a household name or an ordinary person. People want to know what’s going on in our lives.

It’s as if we are all apart of “The Truman Show” and everyone has a say about the way you live your life. We open ourselves up to negative energy, and our instinct is to immediately react.

We can’t brush it aside or turn away from it. We’re so wrapped up in other people’s opinions about us, we aren’t in tune with how we see ourselves. If somebody says or does something that affects us, it stays with us for a long time.

We’re so convinced if we do a good job, take a stand, or separate ourselves from the norms that others would accept us.

The truth is no one cares about other people’s lives if it doesn’t concern them. If something you do affects someone else or their beliefs, they’ll speak up and comment on your actions. If it doesn’t interest them, they don’t give a shit.

So, why do we have a hard time accepting that? Why do we care what people think? Is it because we need that validation? Is it because we want to feel worthy of being a part of their lives?

It is hard to turn a blind eye and detach ourselves from the things that are going to hold us back. Keeping us from reaching our highest potential and living our best lives. We only live once, and we need to focus on what could benefit us, not someone else.

It’s an everyday struggle. Putting ourselves first is more important than someone else’s negativity.