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Realizing you’re broken is the first step to living realistically.

Have you ever been in the forest and seen a toppled tree that is separated from its roots but is still sprouting green twigs?

That’s us. We are all broken human beings in our own way.

Some will never sprout new life as they succumb to their brokenness.

Some will look at their brokenness and say, “I’m not done yet! There’s still life inside of me!”

This is where the fight begins.

Will you fight for the new life that could spring forth from you?

Or will you declare the fight over and decide the fight takes too much out of you?

Fighting for the hope of new life takes energy.

Sometimes, the energy it takes seems overwhelming and you’ll just want to curl up in a ball and scream “STOP”.

I believe life is far too important though. That’s why I won’t allow you to stop. If I know you’re broken like me and I know you’re on the cusp of giving up, I won’t allow you to remain in that curled up ball.

Admitting I am broken is probably the most important thing I have ever done. As long as I kept thinking I had all my s*&t together, it was impossible to see how much I needed mending. When I went through life looking at broken people thinking they must not be very strong, that was when I was the weakest.

The moment I began to admit I was broken and in need of mending, that is the moment I began living realistically. It’s like up until that moment I was living this fantasy world, a world where I had it together and didn’t need anybody.

The freedom of confessing my brokenness is the moment one of my favorite Bible verses finally became real. Up until this moment, I could quote the verse, use it to encourage others but in a way, the words were meaningless to me.

“So, I’m not defeated by my weakness, but delighted! For when I feel my weakness and endure mistreatment — when I’m surrounded with troubles on every side and face persecution because of my love for Christ — I am made yet stronger. For my weakness becomes a portal to God’s power. 2 Corinthians 12:10 (The Passion Translation)

When my boast becomes my weakness, my brokenness, this is the moment of greatest victory. For in this time, I may finally have access to the portal of God’s power.

A lifetime of boasting of how strong I am exchanged for a moment of admitting how broken I am has given me access to strength and therefore power and finally healing.

What I could never achieve in trying to be strong, I am on the way to achieving in admitting that I am broken and weak.

The future and hope are achievable and strangely more realistic than ever before. There is strength in admitting that you are broken and weak. There is weakness in trying to be strong and putting up a good face.