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You draft the narrative of your life and can increase peace of mind

The rumble of your journey to work. The cry of your infant who wishes to be fed. The bark of a neighbor’s hound.

These noises might disturb outer harmony, but it’s your inner tranquility that calls for attention.

The world is turbulent. It echoes. The blare of motor horns, and the incessant warble of the TV vibrate. Yet, the struggle for calm lies in you and nowhere else.

Just as you can be lonely at a busy festival, you can experience noise-overload in a hushed apartment. The noises you meet dwell in your brain. They are generated by self-talk and how you describe events.

Whether you’re concerned about your likability or annoyed with individuals for not acting as you demanded them to behave, your thoughts create turbulence that troubles you.

The overflow of mind-traffic you meet comes from focusing on issues. Every event seems huge as it takes place. Later, nevertheless, you may detect it wasn’t important. At other times, you might overlook a potentially disturbing event altogether and not suffer from worry.

Like you, I exaggerate the value of incidents and produce mind-traffic occasionally. It has taken years, though, to remember the commotion in my brain is self-generated and stop unwanted self-talk in its tracks.

Perhaps you too, know you cause your own unease with inner banter when you lack peace of mind. Or you don’t yet recognize peace stems from assuming responsibility for your disposition.

The way to mute the negativity inside you is to separate the disorder you produce from other turbulence. If the town in which you live floods, for instance, it’s not your fault. You’re not to blame if your sister becomes ill or the local shop no longer stocks cream, or your partner is in a rotten mood.

You can’t manage what other individuals do any more than you can command the weather. You are, however, in charge of how you behave and the thoughts you feed with concentration.

To increase peace of mind, take charge of your emotions and only feed thoughts you want to grow. Consider the tales you tell yourself about what’s happening in your surroundings and make sure they are positive. If life looks gloomy, remember your mood comes from the angle you view events.

The same goes if you think people are callous or the world is wicked. Your perspective covers all you see and is the impetus for your emotions.

What can be done if the turbulence in your psyche is harrowing and the tales you hold are disagreeable? Change the image you build of the outlying world by shifting your mindset. Easier said than done, perhaps, but you will succeed if you move forward, mentally dislodging the causes of commotion from your mind.

Initially, note when mind-noise occurs, considering events cause it, but you are the one who allows it to grow. Understand if you can generate unwanted self-talk, you can create positive inner banter too. Note you’ve magnified the seriousness of what disturbs you. Will it matter a month from now?

Ask yourself whether you wish to feel better and recognize to do so, you must tell a positive story. So if you’ve been grumbling to yourself about your job, for example, and are upset, change tack. Discover a viewpoint that serves you.

Maybe you receive a good wage and might save for a bright future. Perhaps finding out what you don’t like highlights a better path toward what you want. Disliking your career may be the incentive you require to take action and enhance life. Or seeking enjoyment in other areas of life may be beneficial.

You draft your own narrative each hour of the day. If the manuscript is disturbing, modify it. Events out of your command might be problematic, but you can mitigate them or add emphasis to them with the yarns you create about them.

If you seek more peace from silence, turn off your phone and the TV. The noise that impairs your happiness, though, is in your head, so create narratives that provide strength and produce joy. The mind-traffic you develop will change and become enjoyable as a result.