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And how to tap in.

We all want to live creative lives. If you think otherwise, allow me to try to persuade you. Even if you are in a traditionally creative field of photography, writing, painting, poetry, or acting, all of us want to tap into our creative spirit. Why? Because whether you’re in business, an entrepreneur, software engineer, or the endless other career fields—living the creative life allows you to adapt to the unknown. And in this world, the lists of unknowns are endless.

To help sell my point on the importance of the creative life, remember, people willing to tap into their creative power created every book, project, business, corporation, musical masterpiece, and every other object of creation. Those who succeed embrace creative power in order to live a creative life.

What We Seek

However, sometimes during our creative pursuits, we allow negative mindsets to come into our lives that prevent us from reaching our peak creative potential. We allow influences in our lives to undermine our creative drive. This commonly comes in the form of two problems:

  • We seek approval.
  • We seek permission.

The desire for approval brings us into a state of being where we become too cautious of what others will think. It’s one of the many situations in life where you need to stop thinking and just create!

This desire for others approval brings another consequence: fixating on the thoughts of others takes away from our drive to create. Our internal drive brings us to act. When creators create, it’s the desire to create something we love for ourselves. Once we start to earn recognition, other distractions get in our way. When we stop focussing on others, we allow ourselves to see again what’s important to us within our creations.

Thus, we tap into our creative power.

We also think we must seek permission to create. We believe we must earn, hold, or reach a certain level of success before we have permission to be creative. And ‘be creative’ in the sense, we believe we need permission to tap into our own unique creative power. The power that becomes the voice that tells us what exactly it is we want to create.

Whether it’s a desire to start a business, blog, create a product, paint, draw, act, or write a book, the point is don’t wait for permission to create what it is you desire, just create.

Now, once you acknowledge these two points, you must then understand that when you create there’re no guarantees of success. If you create with the expectation of immediate success, recognition, and praise, you will end up leaving yourself disappointed and stop creating altogether.

Tapping in

Creative power, this is where I want to dismiss the myth that only some have the gift of creativity. We all have the gift. Admittedly, perhaps some have a more ‘natural instinct’ in finding success during their creative pursuits. Yet, we all have the creative instinct within us. We were born with this creative instinct; our human evolution has built upon our ability to create. Some of us just choose to tap in.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.” — Maya Angelou

But that’s another point, you have to take the risk of tapping into it. The pursuit of tapping in can be an uncomfortable road. Yet, it’s a rewarding one.

So where do we look? Not to sound cliche, but the best place to tap into your creative flow is pursuing what you love. You need to find what intrinsically motivates you in order to tap into that peak creative flow. This is where you can then truly build something that brings you happiness, meaning, and an overall sense of purpose.

You see, finding your creative state is the way to actualize your potential. As you build within your creative state, you expand your knowledge of yourself and the world. You begin to discover just how far the conception of you can grow.

Finding our creative state can be uncomfortable and challenging. But part of finding that state is asking yourself, what do you want? Then, once you’ve answered this question for yourself, go after what you want without hesitation. You don’t stop going after what you want until you get what you want, just like a child.

“The creative adult is the child who survived.” — Ursula Leguin

However, while you are in that relentless state of going after what it is you desire, you will force yourself into a creative state of mind. That will then help you develop towards actualizing what it is you desire.

Simply start creating in a way that prevents you from constantly thinking about what others will think. The only way you can ever give yourself the freedom to create is by opening yourself up to the possibility of being a creator.

Once you embrace the creative life, you will begin exploring the endless lists of unknowns. But during this exploration of the endless unknowns, you will find the reality of endless possibilities. And here you will create problems while creating ways to solve them; you will create ideas while creating ways to express them.

When you embrace the creative life, you begin the exploration of endless opportunity.