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The discipline and consistency to keep moving forward towards your dreams come from emotional attachment.

Look, a big heart always beats cold logic. I’m not saying you don’t have to have the bravery of a warrior to win at your goals. All I’m saying is that a compelling reason drives every successful person. This reason came from their emotional dimension versus their intellectual realm.

Emotions have power.

“When you have a compelling reason, then you can start looking for the answers.” Benjamin Hardy

Whenever I become too comfortable and willfully forget taking actions for any of my thoughts, I remind myself that I don’t have a lot of time on this Earth.

We all have a limited amount of time in our hands. That compels me to take action. Whether I like it or not, the time keeps on ticking.

That is one compelling reason to start taking action.

I know that wanting to be independent has helped me in taking two jobs at the same time — so that I can become independent sooner rather than later. I know that I am writing here on this platform because of this burning desire I have to be a great writer one day. I know that I humiliated myself in front of many people many times before I improved and became a great public speaker. Because of my reason to become a great public speaker in my country, Ethiopia.

I cannot give you your reason. Only you can do that.

Find a reason, a burning one within you that won’t let you sleep at night.

And you will be compelled to take actions that inch you closer to your goal.

People ask me how I write so much or where I get my energy. And I tell you where I get it. It’s my reason. It’s my reason for improving my writing daily which makes me sit down in front of my laptop every day to write in spite of my tight schedule.

Find your reason (a reason that is important, meaningful and compelling to you)

· Do you want to be great at “something”?

· Are you running out of time?

· Is someone depending on you?

· Do you want to be financially independent?

· Do you want to improve your craft?

· Do you want to have your own family?

· Do you want to improve your relationship with your romantic partner?

· Do you want a promotion?

· Do you want to get that Degree?

· Do you want to open your own business?

Of course, wanting is not enough. That is why most of us think and want things but we do not take action.

But, it is not me or someone else who is going to make you take daily actions.

No one can.

Only you can bring your inner motivation.

By answering the above questions (for a start) but also asking yourself why you want what you want.

Get deeper.

The more compelling and important the reason is to you, the more powerful your inner motivation will be.

And you start taking daily actions that will turn into daily habits.

To manifest these reasons that are important to you into daily actions, add another ingredient:

Emotional Attachment.

“Without emotional intelligence and purpose, it doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have.” Benjamin Hardy

I would do just about anything for my mother. If someone on the road talks rudely to her, I retaliate. I am a positive person and am not easily provoked. But this is my mother we are talking about.

That is an emotional attachment.

I am willing to take the chance of being hurt by my relationship with my boyfriend. That is an emotional attachment.

I am willing to put my writing to the world and risk being not liked or judged because my writing matters to me deeply. That is an emotional attachment. That is why you will not see me wasting any free time I have watching TV.

I put in more effort in my work. I am more engaged in my job and I decide every day to do my best because my job as a personal development trainer matters to me. I have quit my previous job for it. That is an emotional attachment.

That is where discipline and consistency come from. From your burning desire to want and be ‘whatever it is that you want’ and your emotional attachment to it.

Embrace any emotion that propels you to move forward.

Because without it, you would not have dared to move. You would not have known you have the strength to surpass any setbacks on your way.

Emotional realities like: dealing with doubt, finding motivation and being terrified to fail are great motivators.

“Reasons come first, answers second. It seems that life has a mysterious quirk of camouflaging the answers in such a way that they become apparent only to those who are inspired enough to look for them. Who have reasons to look for them.” –Jim Rohn