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How daily habits are influential in achieving your dreams

Itwas the lowest point of my life back in 2016. Life teaches you the best lesson when you feel you are lost. I quit my job in South Africa and traveled back to India. I had to find a new Job, better earning and live life to its fullest. That is when I decided to change my daily habits.

Now, after 3 years practicing the daily habits which I decided in 2016, my life has changed a lot in all aspects. I had one source of income then, now I have more. I had a HUGE mortgage then, now I am debt free and owning a new property. I have published three books in amazon and one of the books is a top seller. Travelling is my passion and I have travelled over 18 countries as of today. In 2017, I have started the LOA Simplified coaching and coached over 1000 students and transformed their life into a better one.

All these happened based on my daily habit change. It is not rocket science. It is just a change in your daily habits.

Following are the ten daily habits of me, I am sure, it will help you and improve your life to the next level.


You may hear about this several times, read about this many times. But,
Meditation is the base for all. It is not related to any religion. It is related to your ” self”. If you regularize meditation in your daily habit you will see a massive change in your life. Your anger will go away. Your stress will be gone. Your memory power will increase. It enhances self-awareness and more.
If you are new to meditation, try some guided meditation.

Minutes Spent on this Habit: Minimum 20 mins
Best time to do: Early Morning or before you go to sleep

2. Visualization

Visualization has done wonders in my life. I am a manifestation magnet now.
I manifest the desires faster using visualization. I have heard from many that visualization does not work for them or get them fewer results. But is it true? No. Visualization always works! But, if you apply or use it in the right way! Click here to know more about visualization.

Minutes Spent on this Habit: Minimum 20 mins
Best time to do: After Meditation

3. Gratitude Journaling

Being grateful for all the blessings we got in our life is the ONLY thing we can do it in return to God. God has given us this life which itself is a big blessing. To make your life beautiful is lies in our minds. If you are grateful for everything your life will become meaningful and beautiful.

If you keep doing gratitude practice, your mental strength will improve, your relationship will improve, you will get good sleep, your physical health will improve and more.

This is a very simple but very powerful practice to express your gratitude to this Universe/God. All you need is a journal/notebook. You need to write your blessings daily in the morning in your gratitude journal. But are you practicing this practice in the correct way? If you “just” jot down a few points of your blessings and said thank you then it is not the correct way of doing it. When you write your blessing the words should come from your heart.

You should have a high vibrating happy mood while writing each and every word. Your body, mind, and soul should be in much happiness state. Because you are thanking your blessings! You could be grateful for your health, just remember how much you are blessed by God and how many people in this world do not have good health like you. Think about that and never take your blessings for granted.

Minutes Spent on this Habit: Minimum 10 mins
Best time to do: Any time

4. Goals — Read Aloud

Personally, I was skeptical about this habit, later I realized this is one of the simplest yet a significant habit for one. Read your daily goals aloud every single dayEvery day morning read your short term and long term goals three to five times. You will be amazed to see all your written goals are achieved one by one.

Minutes Spent on this Habit: Less than 5 mins
Best time to do: Morning

5. 10k steps walking

At first, it scares you, then you will walk more than 10k steps a day. How am I confident about this? Because it is what happened to me. When I decided to walk 10k steps every day, it was tough in the beginning. Within, few weeks I start enjoying it and listening to my favourite music while reaching the milestone. Instead of walking on the same trail/route, try to explore more places, walk in a different route every week. You will explore many places, meet new people and love nature!

Minutes Spent on this Habit: 40 minutes
Best time to do: Any time

6. Gym/Workout

Ten years back, I paid for a yearly gym subscription and went to the gym for a week. Procrastination was the major reason behind that. Three years back when I decided to become the next version of myself, the first thing I did was kick the procrastination out of my window. If you procrastinate you cannot excel in any of the fields. I go to the gym to improve my fitness. I am not a bodybuilder. Regular exercise has many benefits, it improves your health, it can help your brain health and most importantly it gives you a “me time”.

Minutes Spent on this Habit: 40 to 60 minutes
Best time to do: Any time, my preference is early morning

7. New Skill Learning

Every day I started to spend some time on a new skill. Learning a new skill is full of fun and improve your creativity. You will start enjoying the learning process. You will be much satisfied that you learned something new. I have explored a lot when I decided to stick to this habit. New doors were open. New opportunities arose. New ideas were born. You don’t need to spend much time on the learning, but daily spend a minimal amount of time and see the magic!

Minutes Spent on this Habit: 20 Mins
Best time to do: Any time

8.Reading & Writing

Having a daily reading habit is easy for some but a tougher one for many during this social media era. I used to read a lot before the invention of smartphones. Start reading ten pages per day and you will complete a 300-page novel in a month. I read a minimum of ten pages and it has fueled my writing in many ways. If you would like to enhance your life, the reading habit should be at the TOP.

Similarly, I started writing a minimum of 50 words on a daily basis, it was tough in the beginning but I was able to overcome this very soon. Writing is always close to my heart and soul. I would say writing is another form of Meditation, once you enter into that “writing space” you will feel so good which cannot be described in words.

Minutes Spent on this Habit: Minimum 20 Mins
Best time to do: Any time

9. No Phone Hour

Before you go to bed avoid using your smartphone. It improves your sleep. It helps you to do the prayer or gratitude affirmation or planning for the next day. The best practice I did to overcome this phone addiction is, instead of having the phone next to the bed, I keep the phone in the next room. If you really want to “do something” take a book and keep it near your bed. Reading before sleep is good for you, good for your subconscious mind.

Minutes Spent on this Habit: 0 Mins
Best time to do: One hour before your bedtime

10. Ten P.M to bed

In other words, go early to bed and wake up early. You need rest and good sleep. This was one of the toughest habits to embrace in the beginning. However, the best way to overcome this is by reading a hard copy of a book.

Minutes Spent on this Habit: 0 Mins
Best time to do: Sleep early ☺

Conclusion NO NO — Beginning! 

All these habits are good for your mental health, good for improving your creativity, improve your knowledge and eventually improve your finances. I firmly believe in “What you think, you become”. It has brought me an abundance of health and wealth into my life.

As we are stepping into a new month, try these 10 habits as a challenge for the next 30 days and end of the month review it. If you are able to reach 80% or 20% of the challenge, whatever the case, pat on yourself. Every progress is progress. These good habits will kick the bad habits out of you and you will lead a peaceful and joyful life filled with abundance.

Time for the beginning folks! ☺

Note: Thanks for reading, if in case you cannot develop all these habits, you can check these five habits which you can practice before 9 A.M. Happy days ahead.