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Experiencing Life Through a New Lens


It is one of the best things in life which we all take for granted. We are bombarded every day with choices — whether it’s in the grocery store looking at the thousands of products, in the way we choose to interact with others or even in the way we drive. We make hundreds of choices a day and most of the time we do it on auto-pilot. Even not choosing is a choice.

However, most of these daily decisions don’t have a huge impact on the long-term of our life. Those dozen donuts you picked up at the store instead of the salad may not have been the best choice nutrition-wise but it will not have a big impact on your overall life that day.

But there are other choices we make which may have a long-lasting effect on our future. I’m not talking about career-wise or financially, although it can be true for both topics. I’m talking about our outlook on how we view the world and those around us. I’m discussing the “why” of the choices we make.

I’m an introvert and have not been open to new experiences if I’m being honest. It’s not that I’m so closed off to everything, it’s that I’m uncomfortable in many situations. I have always preferred being in situations I could control, and usually, that meant being alone. Like Cheryl Strayed said in her book Wild“Alone had always felt like an actual place to me, as if it weren’t a state of being, but rather a room where I could retreat to be who I really was.”

The problem was that being uncomfortable kept me from experiencing a lot of what life had to offer, and that included sharing experiences with others. It kept me from what people have to offer. While I have been happy being alone at times, being comfortable in my own little bubble also came at the expense of a lot of my happiness.

I found excuses for everything and I did it all the time. There was always something holding me back and usually, I blamed it on some outside force. I blamed it on other people or on situations which didn’t align with my perceived view of what may occur. But it was me — it was always me. I just didn’t recognize it until recently.

However, my outlook on everything has changed and my life has become more open. I’m not held back by being uncomfortable anymore and it’s been one of the best changes I’ve ever made. It’s made me happier and full. Full of life and love and everything that comes with being happy. And while I still may be a little uncomfortable in certain situations, it’s all worth it. Because those around me are worth it — and I’ve learned that so am I.

Because in saying “why not?”, I choose others instead of always choosing myself. And that builds incredible relationships and allows me to have incredible experiences.

In saying “why not?”, I choose to live instead of merely exist. And that lets me appreciate everything and everyone around me.

In saying “why not?”, I choose to let others know how much they mean to me.

In saying “why not?”, I choose to show love and it allows that love to be returned back even more.

In saying “why not?”, I choose you. In choosing you, I also choose me. And together, we choose each other.

So maybe instead of asking “why?”, you should ask yourself “why not?” Try something new sometimes. If you don’t like it, you never have to do it again. Allow yourself to feel uncomfortable occasionally because the more you allow it, the more you change. And I believe change is always healthy in the end even if it doesn’t appear so at the time. Because we grow from change. We learn and we become better people.

In saying “why not?”, you may find things you never knew existed — like a new life and a new love for something. Maybe even a new love for someone. But the most important thing you may find is yourself.

Why not?