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The Sacred Science of Alchemy

“That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.” — The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus

As part of my ever-expanding model of reality, I have come to realize that existence is made up of three different layers, such that the physical world is both below one world and above another. To be more precise, the omniverse is composed of hyperspace and gives rise to macrocosmic dimensions, meanwhile, the universe is made up of both physical and metaphysical space, being mesocosmic and microcosmic at the same time. In this way, there is a scalar relationship between God, flesh, and will. This leads to separate but very much interconnected theological, biological, and psychological systems.

Based on my current understanding of everything, the elegant ontological relationship between the different domains of the cosmos is such that metaphysical space exists within physical space within hyperspace. So that means, from the outside looking in, the macrocosm contains the mesocosm which contains the microcosm, such that the soul is housed in the body which is housed in the spirit. Thus, there is an immaterial layer of existence within and without the material form of every organism. These make up our higher and lower selves.

So, in many ways, the theurgical act of a being becoming through the Being Becoming is a kind of alchemical process in which the soul is purified by the spirit through the body. The lower self is a finite being becoming that exists as a natural soul in the universe. Along with this, the higher self is an infinite Being Becoming that exists as a supernatural spirit in the omniverse. So, the purpose of life is to make the lower self a reflection of the higher self. This is best expressed in the occult adage “As Above, So Below”.

In conjunction with my other theories, this would imply that when a person dies their soul must fuse with their spirit in the absence of a body. Thus, if the wickedness of the soul is excessive it will be incompatible with the inherent righteousness of the spirit, which would then automatically result in the process of reincarnation. On the other hand, a purified soul would achieve enlightened liberation through reintegration with the source. So, as before, the lesson is “As Above, So Below”.


Macrocosm — SPIRIT (∞-D) “SULFUR”

Mesocosm — BODY (3-D) “SALT”

Microcosm — SOUL (7-D) “MERCURY”


Note: The Tria Prima of Paracelsus — Sulfur, Salt, and Mercury — is an esoteric code that refers to mystical, material, and mental states of being. Thus, Spirit Above (Sulfur) is the Higher Self and Soul Below (Mercury) is the Lower Self.