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This is how you break up with a clouded mind and embrace the possibility of finally thinking clearly.

I’m a habitual over-thinker. I lay in bed at night wondering whether my work assignment is going to be approved, whether my client hates the work I did, and just about any other diminutive worry you could imagine. Over-thinking is something I swore against. It was something I avoided because I was convinced that it doesn’t make the situation any better — until I couldn’t stop doing it. I’m sure you’ve had someone tell you to calm down, that there’s nothing you can do about the situation, so just let it go. I’m sorry, but that’s just impossible.

It became worrisome when a majority of my hours were spent mulling over just about anything I could think of instead of getting any work done. I was constantly frantic, and it affected just about every aspect of my life. No matter how much control I had over the situation, I couldn’t seem to clear my mind no matter how hard I tried until I learned to separate the worry from reality.

“What you’re worried about probably doesn’t even exist. You’re exaggerating the situation to yourself, and you need to stop,” I’d tell myself.

Here’s how I finally broke up with my clouded mind.

It started when I found that I was much more anxious than usual. I was trying to do way too much in a short amount of time, and every time I didn’t succeed, I began to over-think. I noticed just how much caffeine I was consuming to stay awake, how terrible I was sleeping, and how much time my brain spent in overdrive. It was damaging my ability and will to create, and something had to be done about it. The over-thinking became a problem when I was so worried about failing that I couldn’t even bring myself to saunter over to my desk and get any work done.

I was tired of feeling like I couldn’t get out of my own head — so I started telling everyone exactly how I felt. I was writing out my thoughts, brain dumping all of my worst fears, and talking my friends’ ears off about my worries until they eventually dissipated. If over-thinking is a big part of your life, maybe it’s time you change the way you let out those thoughts — it can certainly save you from letting your clouded mind take over your life.

I got it all out and started focusing on maintaining my mental health. Eventually, I found that I no longer spent so much time worrying about the things I couldn’t change, and I never looked back.