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Living is to endure hardship and you are enough just for surviving.

A recurring thought that you have many times in your life is this:

“Am I enough?”

The simple answer is: yes, you are. You are enough and have always been enough. Because to be alive is enough. To have air in your lungs is enough. You have always been enough, yet you may have forgotten this straightforward idea that can improve your quality of living.

Doubts about your ability

We all doubt our ability at times. We show up to a brand new job wondering, “can I even do what I have been hired to do?

Then you come home and wonder, “who am I to post these crazy thoughts online for the world to see?” We question our ability because we’re never quite sure where we stand.

The only feedback we often get comes from other imperfect humans who don’t really know about the world and its challenges any better than you.

Human feedback is an opinion and that’s not evidence of anything at all.

You could get feedback that is entirely false and is really a disguise for what that person is currently feeling about their own ability. The shift worth making is to trust your own ability.

Learn to back yourself when nobody else does and have faith that your ability got you this far and so it will take you the rest of the journey too.

Drops in popularity

There are times when everybody wants to be our friend and times when nobody is listening. As a writer, this is a daily struggle. One minute you can be the flavor of the productivity world and then a month later, that popularity can seemingly vanish.

The key is not to seek out popularity. No one is popular forever and that’s why wanting to be popular is a bad dream not made for humans that have an expiry date with life.

Periods of hardship

They come in many forms: breakups, loss of money, loss of life, being ghosted, haters spitting in your face, goals not eventuating, mystery illnesses — the list is long of human hardships. Hardship is part of life and it doesn’t mean you’re not enough.

You can be a genius and still trip on the rake of hardship while cleaning up the leaves of your broken dreams.

Living is hardship and you are enough just for enduring it all.

Making less money

Money can make you feel like you’re not enough, especially when you have earned a lot of it and then experienced what it’s like to fall right back down again to where you were before.

The fact you made progress with your money situation can become like a drug that you want more and more of. You can fall for the lie that more money allows you to help more people — and it does — but that doesn’t mean you have to keep getting more of it.

Helping people can become a lie that your mind tells you to justify its prioritization of money-making activities you deem a must. You are enough despite the number of zeroes on your bank balance.

Rejection by people

Not everyone is going to like you and that doesn’t mean you’re not enough.

Many people have lots of rules about life and how it must be lived. Without you knowing, you might be breaking someone else’s made-up rule for life that causes you to secretly and quietly get rejected.

That rejection has to do with their rules and has nothing to do with you not being enough. You are enough and not everyone is going to love what you stand for and who you are.

Who you are is what makes you feel like you’re enough and that should never be traded in for a rusty old used car known as acceptance.

Get rejected because you are enough.

Questioning life

Plateau’s exist in life and it’s when we question who we are, what we’re doing and our life to date.

When I questioned my life this year, I felt like I wasn’t enough. Could I not be achieving more, doing more, writing more and helping more people?

Reflecting made me believe that perhaps the choices I made were wrong. It felt as though I was winging it at life and had no clear plan. These questions led me to believe that perhaps I was not enough and needed to become more.

But when is more ever best?

When are we ever enough? What does a pass mark look like?

No one knows. We’re all winging it and doing our best. The only way you can continue to make up your life as you go along is to believe that you’re enough. You’re in control and if you forget that, you fall down real quick and graze your elbows.

You may not have all the answers to these difficult questions, but that doesn’t mean you are not enough. You are doing the best you can and that’s enough.