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I stand with my feet firmly on the Earth, and I know that the Earth is spinning. I feel the slow rotation in my soul. But I am a fixed point here, held between Earth and sky.

I feel my roots growing down, pushing deep into this place I’ve chosen. Or that’s chosen me. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell. All I know is that this is the place where I will raise my children. Where their children will return. Where our lives will grow, as I will grow and they will grow.

I can raise my arms up and nearly sweep all the stars in this sky into my hands. I can hold the light, and this galaxy and all the others reflected in my soul. I feel every star swimming in my blood. I am blood and bone and dust and stars, and we are all connected.

I am rooted and rising.

I ground down to this place, to my work, to the life I’m creating with my own two hands. These two hands that I lift to the sky in silent supplication to the Universe. To fill my life up with all that we need. To bear witness. To grow me, as the trees grow. As the flowers grow. As my children grow. To raise me up, my head tilted to the sun as easily as to the stars. To my higher self rooting and emerging. Maya Angelou’s voice pouring through my soul. I rise, I rise, I rise.

My life is poetry and romance running through every thread, and thoughts poured out on paper. My ink-stained soul longs equally for the stars and sky as for the earth beneath. I am not pulled between the two. I am held there. Caressed. Loved. Perfectly placed in the life I’m living.

I am rooted and rising.

My whole world expands and contracts, like birth. I pull close all that is dear to me. I reach out to wrap my arms around the whole world. I love. I love what is close and what is far away, and I never stop loving.

I create. I watch the stories emerge, and I know them. I know them as if I had lived them or simply witnessed them, in this life or another. I create life, and I feel the power of that act. How it’s all in my head and in my hands and how the world keeps spinning beneath my feet.

I am rooted here, now rising. The whole world in my hands, or in my heart, or swirling in my blood. I feel it moving in me. I feel the Earth moving with me. I feel the stars reflected in my eyes. I reflect back this love. Rooted. Rising. Loved and loving. My whole world becoming, as I become. All of us. Connected.