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Our creative minds are often subjected to the cruelest negligence. We dismiss the thought of being alone with our ideas because we assume they’ll either be awful or won’t be useful in any way.

Yet, in order to expose the quality of our imagination, there has to be a time of silence. A time when everything gets shut out for the duration of your creative session.

Blocking all potential distractions will encourage a more productive and creative you. It maximizes your abilities to see what you’re really made of apart from all the noise and feeds that clutter your mind.

In the end, you’ll discover more ideas than you ever could before because you were willing to do what most people aren’t.

A Quest for Clarity

We all could use clarity in our lives. Whether we need to figure out what we want to do with ourselves, or we just need a better way to manage our thoughts throughout the day, a moment of complete focus is necessary.

Quiet time brings you in front of yourself. It says, “Here you are. Now, what are you going to do with those thoughts inside your head?”

Most of the time, we run away from that question. We try to find some other way to occupy our time because being alone is too weird for us. That’s how I saw it a few years ago.

I assumed I would make myself more frustrated if I sat in a room by myself, with no one around. Just me, my thoughts, and an empty canvas to present them on.

The day I chose to look at that mode of hesitation in the face and do it anyway is the day everything changed for me.

Truth is, we’re scared to think about what may come out of us if only we reflected intently. But that’s exactly what we need to embrace.

Creating the Dividing Line

Your creativity works best when it’s used without restriction, comparison, or doubt. That last one gets us all the time.

We assume we’re not good enough to give our imagination the light of day, so we cease from trying. From probing. From instigating the kind of uniqueness flowing through our veins.

In doing so, you leave your best self out to dry, like a cup of flat soda no longer fizzing with excitement. Our thoughts need to be released or we’ll become stagnant, bloated thinkers with no channel of expression.

Instead of absorbing it, taking it all in and appreciating its value, we usually walk away from the opportunity to create something capable of enlightening others.

Creative solitude benefits anyone, regardless of whether you’re an introvert or not.

Some may not understand why you want to be alone with your thoughts. But that’s okay. Do your best to help them understand your creative explanation for doing so.

And if they fail to recognize its importance, move on with your life.

Groups are not always the best form of interaction for generating good ideas. They have their place, sure, but not when it comes to stimulating innovative thought.

That’s where quiet time steps in.

It allows the mind to flow without the pressures of intrusion. Of course, you’ll have to have a bit of self-discipline in this day and age not to scroll your time away on social media.

We need quiet time to reflect on things, especially ourselves. Without it, we usually buckle or spew some words that carry no weight at all. That doesn’t help anyone, and it sure doesn’t help you.

Get alone with your thoughts. You’ll thank yourself later.