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“Tom, the best people in the world don’t have time to be overly critical. Ever notice that?”

Those words from John Mashni hit me hard last year.

And he was 100 percent right — I have never responded with criticism to random people on the internet. I just don’t have time for it.

The thought that I would take 10 minutes to write a negative response to an article I just read is ludicrous to me.

I’m busy doing other things.

Then my mind started wondering about other things the best people in the world don’t have time for. The most successful. The most productive. I gave my best shot at listing them here.

1. Being Way Too Critical

The best people don’t go out of their way to be overly critical because there’s more important crap to do.

They’re growing businesses. They’re networking. They’re creating.

How many times have you seen an author like Shannon Ashley comment on someone else’s article with negativity? What about Michael Thompson?

It never happens.

Tearing the ideas of others down isn’t something that warrants their time because it’s taking away from them building their own business.

Being critical isn’t bad in and of itself, but to be overly critical of random people on the internet reeks of insecurity.

2. Thinking About The Bad Hand They Got Dealt

Privilege exists. All of life is unfair, in fact. There are valid reasons why someone might have more than you, but dwelling on it isn’t doing anything for you.

You’re taking your eye off the ball if you do. Every time you think about what you don’t have, you’ve lost precious brainpower to work on getting what you want.

I understand that life sucks and that it isn’t fair.

However, dwelling on it is not what the most successful people in the world do. They go out and DO something about it. They protest. They work. They take that next step in changing their situation.

3. Giving Their Time Away Like Candy

Ryan Holiday wrote about this before which inspired Casey Neistat to make a video about it.

The best in the world are stingy with their time. One thing I’ve had to deal with as a vlogger is endless emails about collaborations. I cannot possibly take them all. Some pay, some don’t, and 95% of them are not worth my time.

If I took every proposal, I’d have no time to work on my business.

To be honest with you, it’s okay to have “calendar anorexia,” as Ryan Holiday puts it. I know I have it, too.

4. Blaming Everybody Else

Another thing I don’t see Anthony Moore, or Lebron James, or Ryan Holiday doing is blaming others for their failure.

The best people get moving on fixing their errors, not blaming others for them.

And what if somebody actually did screw you over? Well, it’s still best to just focus on the next thing. Focus on the future. Again, you’re wasting brainpower that could’ve been spent on making progress.

5. Reading Too Many Blog Posts Online

I could talk about this forever. It’s okay to read blog posts and watch videos. Listen to podcasts too, while you’re at it. I probably watch an hour of Youtube every day.

But one “confession” I have is that I don’t read that many blog posts. Unless it’s for my publication, I don’t read at all. This might be controversial because we’ve never been taught that reading is a bad thing.

But you get to a certain point after the third hour of reading blog posts where you can’t stuff much more information in your head. Again, it gets back to DOING, not reading.

One time Gary Vee said that he ACTUALLY wished people would stop watching him because that would mean that they were DOING instead of just watching.

I feel this.

Feel free to read. Feel free to buy that book at Barnes and Noble, but make sure you’re balancing that with action.