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Nearly four years ago, I began to think that “playing games” was a pointless waste of human life.

I felt like I’d gotten too old for games, believing in this notion that adults are supposed to have this all-too-serious vibe for the rest of their pathetic, work-only lives, which turned into me selling my game system.

I sold everything that had to do with the darn thing. I was done with the games.

But I was also dead wrong.

The game system was not the problem. I was.

Playing Doesn’t Have to be a Waste of Time

Today, it’s all about work, work, work — no time for play. And I’m not going to pretend as if this is some new thing. The idea that work is way more important than playing has been around for quite some time.

However, our mentality has a lot to do with how we do what we do. That applies to playing, too — not just work.

And although playing games has been frowned upon, there’s a way to do it without feeling guilty about it.

I, on the other hand, gave myself a reason to feel guilty. I set no boundaries for myself. And because of that, I lost track of the time.

Too much of anything is not a good thing.

But balance is what solves this complex problem we think we have.

It’s okay to have fun, and it doesn’t have to be every blue moon, either.

These are the things I skipped over, allowing everyone else’s mentality to influence my own.

Honestly, that was the waste of time.

You’re Never Too Old

For some reason, fun was given an age limit. And I honestly don’t get it.

With this type of influence, I thought that it was a bit childish to play video games, as if I was becoming more of a child than an adult by playing those games.

Maybe it’s okay to be that child we once were.

Truth is, we’re still that same child, dying to have some fun every now and then. And that’s fine.

Fun still exists, no matter how old we get.

We may define “fun” and “games” differently, but it still exists.

The moment we assume that we’re too old for games is the moment we’ve clearly missed the entire point of this life.

We Need Fun, Too

Playing games is just as important as working — of course, without the pay.

Those games were somewhat therapeutic for me.

It allowed me to think more clearly when I went back to work.

Oddly enough, I found myself more stressed out after I sold my game system than I was when I had it.

And I think I know why.

Playing takes us away from the chaos of reality for just a moment. We get a chance to breathe without thinking about all the “other stuff.” It takes us to a different world. And that world gave me a bit of happiness whenever I returned to this one.

Maybe this explains one of the reasons why we’re so stress out.

Could it be because we spend so much time worrying about lists and goals, never actually taking a moment to laugh? And I don’t mean giggle. I mean laughing so hard you’re almost in tears type of laughter.

We need that.

Things Aren’t the Problem. We Are.

It’s how we monitor these things, not the thing itself.

The video games were never the problem. It was my inability to control the amount of time I spent on it. An entire day would pass by before I’d realize how long I’d been moving my thumbs.

We should be in control of what we do and how long we spend doing it. When we lose control of this, we now have a problem.

Being productive as a human being takes self-discipline and balance, no matter the category. That includes fun, too.

If you care about your overall happiness and well-being, then you should include some fun in your life — regardless of how serious everyone assumes you ought to be.