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No matter what has happened in your day, you have the power to pause, reset, and move in a different direction.

Weall have the power to reset. It’s in our control. But it’s harder to do it than it sounds. Like everything else in our lives, when it comes to mindfulness, it takes practice.

I’ve been struggling with recognizing the power I hold in myself to pause, reset, and move in another direction.

It seems I’ve gotten wrapped up in the mother of all imposter syndromes. It happens. Rejection is a part of the writing journey. Rejection is everywhere, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

We become easily absorbed in the noise. We become distracted by what if’s and maybe’s. We become discouraged and nervous. But no matter how much we worry about the future, everything that is coming our way, good or bad, will come.

It’s how we react to what happens to us that is completely in our hands.

We hold the power.

Even if we respond with negativity at first, we aren’t required to continue into the negativity. We aren’t required to complete a destructive cycle. No one is forcing us to finish an unproductive morning with an unproductive evening.

We can pause, reset, find our center, and move in the direction we believe will lead to a more positive result.

I’m struggling, but meditation these last few days has absolutely helped me get out of this feeling that my writing is taking a turn for the worst. That I’ve run out of things to say. That my writing days are over.

Because they’re far from over.

It’s all in my head. It’s in yours too.

I hold the power to turn my day, week, life around. You do too.