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Much like confident drivers are safe drivers.

When I first learned how to drive, people were quick to tell me that driving is all about confidence. The more you practice, the more confident you’ll be. The more confident you are, the safer you’ll be on the road.

It’s advice that I’m sure most people have received at the beginning of their driving careers. But I want to take that advice for a little spin.

I say be confident in not just your driving abilities, but all your abilities. This makes you more than just a confident driver — it makes you a confident person. And a confident person is indeed a safe person to be around.


That’s the alias I will use for the girl that many of my male peers crushed on throughout the entirety of our middle (and high school) years. Lucy was indeed beautiful — her hair reminded me of sunshine and her baby blue eyes seemed to smile whenever she spoke.

Now I’m sure there were plenty of girls who were envious of Lucy and all the attention she got. But I wasn’t one of them.

I specifically remember sitting in front of my mirror one day after school and thinking —

I don’t look like Lucy. At all. But I don’t want to either. I like my brown hair. And my brown eyes. They’re pretty cool. I like my ideas too…and I’m just really happy being Sana.

You see, what prevented me from harboring negative feelings towards Lucy was this realization that I can never be Lucy, and Lucy can never be me.

And I was completely okay — in fact, happy — with that fact.

I truly believe that we’re all born as confident humans that could care less about judging ourselves with respect to others.

It’s usually a third party — friends, family, peers, the media — that (sometimes unknowingly) does weird things to our innate self-confidence. And when our self-confidence is shaken, we can start feeling jealous of those around us who seem to “have it all.” We may even feel inclined to engage in things like gossip and spew negativity because we’re actually feeling negative towards our own selves.

In short, we stop existing as a human that is safe to be around.

But once we remember that we’re all equally unique, feeling envious of others starts making less sense.

Just remember — no one in this Universe has experienced life in the exact same way that you have. Own what makes your story unique because that’s what will bring out your innate sense of confidence.

I promise — you’ll end up being so much more than just a safe driver.