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The Roots of All That Is

Imagination is your ticket to anything; use it. Much like the odd way in which we seem to habitually practice looming and provoking negative thought and emotions, we seem to habitually practice logic and insist our existence be experienced with facts; with focus on what we see before us and have seen. To lay the concrete sensibility of solving life — as if it were a vacant rigid math equation to be solved — aside and allow for a good solid moment for your mind to wander well outside the concrete realities to trigger the power you have inside this existence.

If we wish for something more, please don’t let a habitual practice of logic limit 99% of what could be. Working for any kind of new reality — for yourself or others — is not built with the bricks of the past or the present. IPhones, light bulbs, toilet paper to wipe the ass with, and freaking tampons, were a figment of someone’s imagination that existed nowhere in reality once upon a time. Yet, imagination is force that brings such figments of the mind up from the well of the soul and into existence for us all to enjoy. Imagination is new possibilities, and that’s powerful in itself. Once a possibility is accepted, the creation of it has already started.

Don’t spend too much time trying to bring forth a new you from your rational logic, it can’t see possibilities, because it isn’t designed for creating anew; it’s great for maintaining what already exists. There’s a place for that; just not when its time to create something beyond ourselves. Imagination allows your spirit to speak. To hear your own holiness as it approaches you and asks to express itself through your own existence. In imagination, you break the chains that bind you through the limits and shortsightedness of logic.

Call it prayer, or meditation; whatever. It is both an act of speaking to the ground of your being and listening to its reply. To open your imagination is to say “Guide me onward, beyond the outward of what is. Everything is built from the inward out, everything is born of heart, use me.” Figure out how to trust this power of imagination, trust your power. Lay off the logic, save it for something else. Its no good for creating — unless you seek anxiety and frustration. See yourself and feel yourself as something new — somewhere new — doing something new — being something new; please daydream. A dialect of spirit and source, letting the creative force brew anew.

Get back to the roots of your ancient light — rest in your power. I offer no instructional; however, I myself sit outside for an unknown period of time. Enough to ease into hearing the birds sing and notice that I can feel the wind blowing on my flesh in its passing. Sometime after I begin noticing the beauty of what is around me, my imagination pokes its head out to play. I let it see what it wants to see, ask of me what it wants to ask, to play with whatever it wants — a thought, a ponder, a pure daydream about life on an island writing in a cave, wild philosophical thoughts. I find that I become open to me; I allow myself to be open to myself.

Maybe you are metal as fuck. Turn on your music, air guitar to the sweet melodies and triumphant choruses. Let it take you away into a daydream…or a day feel, if you feel. Feel the empowerment, feel beyond what is, explore your being, let it be a catalyst as nature is for me.

Imagination is prayer and meditation.

Imagination is your birthright towards creation.

Let the inward move you outward my friends.