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“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Mahatma Gandhi

Without the courage and strength to forgive, we remain imprisoned by the negative, self-defeating, and toxic emotions that restrict our ability to move forward. We harbor resentment, anger, guilt, and shame towards ourselves and others that we feel have betrayed or harmed us in some capacity.

Our current relationships suffer the consequences and the new ones we set out to discover are handicapped from the start. It becomes unfair to those we share our lives with and the ones we open our arms to. Nobody wants to enter a realm of negativity, passive aggression and doubt.

Understanding these implications are paramount to releasing yourself and finding the freedom that lies on the other side of this cage of burden.

Learning to forgive, in all of its capacities, is crucial to becoming the very best version of ourselves and the best partners we can be.

The 2 that need your forgiveness:

  1. Forgiving yourself for things you have done to others as well as damage you have caused in your own life.

Forgive yourself for anything that weighs heavily on your mind. We are an imperfect species. We will always make mistakes. Holding onto guilt, regret and shame will diminish your ability to move forward. It is a burden you must release.

If you feel it deep within you, you already know it was wrong. Accept it and move on. You must be kind to yourself. You are a constant work in progress. We learn from our mistakes and become better people in the process. We evolve throughout our journey and it will never be without mistakes. It is impossible to understand right and wrong without tasting both sides of life.

“All of our miseries are nothing but attachment.” – Osho

2. Forgiving others for the misdeeds they have done to hurt you and those close to you.

Next, resolve to forgive anyone and everyone that has ever done you wrong. You may not agree, like or even care to ever see that person again, but you can forgive them. This is done to liberate yourself from the anger, betrayal and hurt that was imposed upon you. It is not to emancipate the perpetrator for their slight. They will need to discover this process themselves. They will need to do their own heavy lifting. We all have to.

Absolution is freedom and empowerment. It is as necessary as the air we breathe.

By perpetually harboring anger, hostility, and resentment you create a level of toxicity that is pervasive. It will bleed into every inch of your world and impinge upon your ability to grow. Release it. It is imperative if you want to successfully move forward.

“Just let it go, then forgive, it’s the better way to live. A grudge is like cancer, true, it might just be the death of you. Forgive. Forget. Set it free. Let the wind carry it out to sea.” Anonymous

People do bad things and it hurts when we are on the receiving end. It is an unfortunate reality of life. Maybe they regret it and maybe they don’t. That isn’t for you to pull out of them. You may never know the real answer.

You cannot set out to change anyone. That is on them to do their own work. You are doing what you must do to step back into your own light and releasing everything that comes along with the negative emotions towards the behavior of others.

It takes strength, courage, and real content of character to forgive others but it is critical. It is your road to liberation. It becomes essential for you to move forward on your journey with a pure heart and a cleansed soul.

Forgiveness is empowering. It is beautiful and it is the truth.

Consider implementing it immediately and discover the freedom that comes along with it.

That cool, fresh, soothing air from the mountain tops will feel so good. Stand tall and take it in. It is there for your taking.

Thank you for reading. It is appreciated.