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Depression is like a tunnel, not a cave.

I had to pause from listening intently to whatever my therapist said after these words to make sure I caught that right. I then mentally noted it so I could remind myself later.

Depression is like a tunnel, not a cave.

This was my first time seeing a therapist in a few years. Recently, my depression has been the worst I’ve ever experienced.

Between grad school, a full-time job, and a family, I’ve been pushing myself too hard for too long.

After a weekend of relaxation and working on all the various self-treatment techniques my therapist recommended, I didn’t feel much better.

I could hardly get out of bed on Monday morning.

Work was drudgery.

It was difficult to speak with people.

I felt like I was on the verge of tears the whole day, but couldn’t cry because I just felt nothing.

Tuesday went nearly the same way until I got in the car to head home after work.

My mental note from a few days previous came back to me in a flash of inspiration, only in slightly different words.

This is only temporary. It will end.

As I sat there with my hand on the keys ready to turn the ignition, I paused, letting this truth drizzle slowly but powerfully into my heart.

I paused to notice the beautiful rain-soaked landscape around me.

I felt something in my heart again.




It was finally coming back.

I was starting to feel better.


The reminder that what I am experiencing is only temporary brought me light and peace that has continued to grow ever since.

Whatever you are going through is only temporary, no matter what your anxious mind may try to say. Remembering that it is only temporary is a powerful way to help yourself let the light back in just a little bit.

I know this works because I’ve used it before.

Last year when I ran my first marathon, was injured at mile 13 and decided to finish the race anyway.

When my beautiful baby girl regressed at the beginning of her 16-day NICU stay after being born 6-weeks early.

And after receiving the news that my dad had been diagnosed with cancer when I was over seven thousand miles away and unable to return home.

Life gets better. I know it does.

I completed my marathon. My sweet little girl is home and now crawling and saying “dada”. And after many prayers and great medical care, my dad beat cancer.

Whatever you are going through, I promise you, it will end.

Life will get better for you.

Your difficulties are only temporary.

There is light at the end of your tunnel.

Focus on that light.