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“ Learn to love yourself first and everything will surely fall into line

When I was in class 9th I watched a movie “Jab we Met”, The female protagonist of the movie is Geet who is full of life, enthusiasm and energy. That character is a very strong character. She loves herself much more than anything else. In the whole movie she uses the one liner “ I am my own favourite”.

And after watching that movie i got instantly motivated and ended up loving myself more and more. In that age only I realized the true meaning of loving yourself. Which ultimately creates a positive atmosphere around you to attract others to admire you . Practically I applied this in my life and got the result.

Many people around you simply can not connect to this thought. For them it might be like self obsession. But loving yourself has nothing to do with self obsession. When you can love yourself, then only you can expect the people around you to love yourself. Otherwise how can you expect others to admire you, love you when you are not admiring yourself.

You are not less than anyone. I have seen many people lack of self confidence, while i was going through the root cause of their lacuna i found its nothing but they never love themselves. That’s why they have not discovered the positive part of their own selves. People having stage fear, lack of courage to express themselves in public are all outcome of not realising their self worth.

I am suggesting a simple technique to rediscover yourself. Do practice it for someday, definitely you gonna love yourself more than ever. Wake up in the morning and go to the mirror and take a look at your face reflecting in the mirror screen. Now admire yourself for being so graceful. If you are not graceful then also admire yourself. Practice this for few days. After few days you will love yourself.

And most importantly in your sub conscious mind also love yourself more than anything else. Practice loving yourself each single moment. And see the result.

But be cautious enough not to confuse your self love with greediness or selfishness. Otherwise the whole meaning of self love will change, and you will end up with no one who loves or cares for you.

At the end i would conclude by saying love yourself infinitely, as love has no limits.