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When I simply type the feeling of ‘void’, I suppose lots of people won’t know what the heck it is, well, then you can leave, this article is for those people who have felt ‘void’.

The feeling of ‘void’ is very interesting, you simply feel ‘nothing’. You are empty, mindless, disinterest — to everything.

People who are always energetic, happy with their lives, act and act and act…work and work and work….talk and talk and talk….never stop will never understand it. That is why I say people who don’t understand can leave.

The disaster of ‘void’

The feeling of void is closely linked to Nihilism. I would say the disadvantage of the feeling is equal to Nihilism. What makes Nihilism to be the biggest enemy of philosophers is it can push you to death. Some people will say:

“Death? Seriously? I always feel nothing…like when I eat a piece of cake, I feel okay. When I meet my friend, I feel okay.Brabrabrabrabra…….Everything is common to me, but I never want to die.”

Let me tell you, the logic of people who are consistently feeling ‘void’ is straight, but terribly clear. They will think:

“Ar…..this cake is sweet,hmm. I see my friend, hmm. So? So what?”

Yes, so what? The cake tastes sweet, so what? I don’t feel particularly happy when I taste sweet, I eat just for survive, but why should I survive? Errrrrrr……

I see my friend, I talk to him, then we say goodbye, so what? I don’t feel happy from it, and I don’t see how it changes my life. Will it make my life different if I haven’t met you? No, it won’t make my life different, I still have to take those fucked-up exams, say the meaningless greetings to my friends and my parent, and feel nothing. Why don’t I just say byebye and forget all those shit?

The meaning of life —always a hard problem for philosophers.

But human are inherently have the instinct of ‘death evasion’. Every animal has the gene to make them to have the desire to survive subconsciously. Therefore, most of these people will survive, but never living. They do whatever for their minimal state of living, the phsical existence as a human, yet mentally death. It is also a serious problem, for people without passion, without motivation, what is waiting for them, is endless torture, no happiness. These people can never be successful, even though they are rich, tall, handsome, smart, famous, well-liked……they are losers.

Why do people feel ‘void’ ?

Numerous reasons, but the 3 intercausal reasons should be noted. Namely, “loneliness”, “Passivity” and “Ignorance” . These are intercausal and are ranked in an descending way, which “loneliness” is the root of the feeling.

You feel alone, but you may not know it.

When someone who had never felt ‘belong to a group’, he won’t realize how alone he is. It doesn’t matter on the fact that the person belongs to a group or not, but “the feeling of belonging” matters. For example, someone knows he is one of the family member, he knows the connection of blood bond, but the worldview, interests, hobbies, attitudes…etc of the other family members are strikingly different to him, so he feels alone, but he may not know it, because he thinks it is normal, as he had never felt the true linkage between him and other people. Once it happens, there is no mutual trust to the man and other people. This man reserves almost everything in his mind, never speak out, for he knows, other people will not understand it, for he and others are so different.

Once there is no trust, the world becomes ugly and passivity comes.

Everyone has chances to stab your back. Do you understand how it feel? This is the feeling of no trust, extreme skepticism. Whatever happens, you can think of the worst case scenario in the beginning, and the dark side of it in the following, then you finally think maybe much worst than you think in the beginning — this is passivity. Not just thoughts, but also in action. The feeling of powerlessness for no one can be trusted and fight alone, will make you fight hard, initially, but a month, a year, a couple of years, you still feel in the same. You will start to think, why I have to work so hard, to fight against it? The problem can never be solved, just stay the same and leave it.

Once ‘passivity’ conquers your mind, you become ignorant.

If you don’t act actively, will you keep on knowing the world? Obviously.

The fixes

  1. Stop hidding yourself, be true to yourself and others.

As I mentioned above, the feeling of loneliness is the root of ‘void’, therefore it is important to solve it. To realize the difference between me and others is a good thing, but it is not the reason to hide. If we keep hiding ourselves, we kill the possibility of building trust, because we never give chance for others to try to understand us.

2. Pay attension to what you like and dislike and be active to what you like

If you feel nothing to everything, think more carefully, is it true? There is very little chance for a person who don’t feel anything good in the world, there must be something you have special interests, it can be music, arts, sports, tv games, whatever. And to put efforts in it, you will harvest unexpected fruit.

3. Accept there is no meaning of life, but we can make our own meaning to life

Meaning is a man-made product, make your meaning bro!

Wish everyone who have the feeling of ‘void’ can overcome it , and meet the people you truly care of.