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Do we really have the control to our lives??

I strongly believe that nothing in our lives can be done by our choice or decision. All our lives are either controlled by other people’s decisions, acts, mistakes and preferences or something far superior that can not be explained.

An idea, sudden financial commitments, investment opportunities, sudden depression , new habits, mental stress, or even being late to work — almost everything in our lives are altered or determined by other people .

For me, it simply feels like others have the remote control to control our lives and we have the remote control to control other people’s lives and God has the battery to control the remote controls.

Certain things are totally un-stoppable, It has to happen and nothing can really be done to prevent it from happening! Losing our loved ones, meeting new people, getting cheated, falling in love, being heart broken by someone — Everything that has to happen will happen, there is no way to change things that happens to us or being cautious about things to prevent it from happening!!

Me blogging this might seem a bit philosophical but, all this rang a bell inside me after a haircut!!!

Let me tell you a story that happened to all of us !

The Barber from a far away land : It was the first week of January and I haven’t had my haircut since late-October and haven’t shaved for almost a month, so I decided to go to my usual haircut spot “Salon-Elite” to groom myself. The barber was a new guy and he neither understood English nor Tamil . I managed to communicate what I wanted by framing something like “medium haircut” “no short” “medium” . As he started his work, I started to take my usual haircut nap ;
He worked on my hair for almost 10 minutes silently. In-between he asked me if he should use a hair trimmer on the sides and I said no .

After he finished I found that he had cut my hair so short, that there was no enough hair to comb on the front. Disappointed with the haircut, I dint know how to scold the guy, as he did not understand anything so I just showed hand gestures and asked him “What is this??, I told medium!!!”
And he was like “Saar medium vonly, 1 week hair come”. And I did not want to argue with that idiot.

Then he asked me “Saar ,shave??”.

I told him “ No, Trimming , 0.5mm” (which meant I wanted him to trim my facial hair leaving 0.5mm length, as I looked awful in clean shave).
He started his work and only after a minute only I realized that he hasn’t adjusted the clip in the trimmer at all and has given me a close, clean trim leaving no stubble on my face. The bugger dint even spare my mustache and also has trimmed my sideburns so short that it dint even reach close to my ears. As a result My hair was extremely short, I had no hair whatsoever on my face (except my eyebrows), my sideburns were so short like it was the 1940’s.

Let me be frank, In short I totally looked like a pimp who kidnapped and sold school kids !
I became so pissed off that I shouted at the barber and dint even pay him a tip (yes I usually tip my barbers!!!)
The worst part was, The next day I had to go to college, also I had semester exams for the next 10 days.(so there is no way I could bunk).

With that pimp look I became a free hit for all my friends, also I felt that the girls in my college looked at me in a very in-secure way. For the next 10 days(even though stubbles started growing on my face) I was the hot topic for everyone in my college for my weird appearance.

All I went for was a decent grooming, and the barber made me look like a pimp who abducted school kids for the next 10 days. In those 10 days I never went out on weekends, stayed as low profile as possible and had to cancel few outing plans with my friends. Even after my semester I did not go out anywhere for a week as my hairstyle looked still weird.
Thus the barber has hijacked and controlled my life for almost 3 weeks with his mistake. All my plans, possibilities, fun I could have had, my confidence level everything was ruined by him!!
From the barbers point of view, he must have got trained about what people expect in a medium haircut and how to trim facial hair with a hair trimmer with clip on!! He probably would have corrected his mistakes on his next customer. My pain is his gain .
Also I have changed my saloon for my recent haircuts. Thus the saloon has lost a regular customer who has been there for almost 5 years!

I just realized everything in life is momentary , things that has to happen will happen, be it a good thing or a bad thing — nothing can really be controlled by us!!

From someone getting an awful pimp haircut or someone becoming a real pimp, everyone’s life is controlled by something far superior to human sense!!

So lets just enjoy the panic and live the moment !! ☺ ☺ ☺