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Everything you need is already inside you.Everything you seek is within you. You are exactly where you need to be in this moment.

These are not new mantras. I’ve heard variations on this theme over and over, and probably even used something similar during a meditation (or two, or three).

But it wasn’t until recently that I actually understood the FULL power of these statements. That magic that happens if you allow yourself to believe not just that you are ENOUGH, but that deep inside you is the magic that you seek.

There I was, guiding a group of rockstar women during a week of SwellWomen bliss in Nicaragua to create their own guiding principles for life. I invited the group to pick 3-5 moments in their life that stood out to them as experiences that taught them something that has stayed with them as a universal truth.

And because I guide by example, I wrote down my own three events.

Traveling to the USSR in 1991.

My bone marrow transplant.

Surfing for the first time.

When it came time to share, I chatted with a small group about what each one of these experiences taught me about life and myself. I felt the need to take a breath and pause when I got to “bone marrow transplant.”

Could I really have missed it this entire time? Could it really have taken me 19 years since my bone marrow transplant to put the pieces together?

Indeed. Because as the words came out of my mouth for the first time (ever), I was stunned. Tears started to well up. My body relaxed as if I’d finally found my essential truth.

Everything I need is already inside me.

You see, my bone marrow transplant for my Hodgkin’s Disease was autologous – meaning the cells that the doctors gave to me after a regimen of very high dose chemotherapy – were my OWN. As in…my body gave me the medicine that I needed to heal. Yes, I was sick, but deep within my body, I had the exact amount of healing that was needed to rebuild and regenerate not just my cells – but my hope.

This was a HUGE aha for me. But it was only the beginning.

I came back and started sharing this realization with my yoga students and a few clients. Yes, my example was extreme – but we’ve all had moments of finding exactly what it was we needed inside of ourselves in some way. It is just a matter of being present enough and still enough to notice.

I kept wanting to come back to this idea to find more examples. Because in my mind, as much as I believe in intuitive and energetic work – a part of my mind needed more proof.

And then it happened. I was chatting with a fellow coach about my WHY and my life coaching focus to work with women who want to go beyond the boundaries of their perceptions and uncover that which is hidden inside.

The same need for a breath swept over me.

My body had given me exactly what I needed and craved when my daughter was born. Except that for 12 years, I’ve recounted the story of her coming into this world with the “miracle baby” perspective. It wasn’t until last week when I realized that while I am willing to give the Universe and God a part of the credit, MY body went into gear at just the right moment to create my now almost teenager daughter. Yes, I’d just paid $50,000 for a donor egg, but it was in that moment of surrender and acceptance of what WAS that my body decided to function for just long enough to not just create – but nurture a growing baby from my own egg.

Again, this feels like another relatively dramatic example. But the moments – big and small – where our body has everything we need – are always there.

Sometimes our body provides a physical manifestation of what we need. Sometimes the body serves just as a messenger of sensations to make us take notice and be more present. Sometimes it is even more subtle.

Take the other morning for example. I was trying to get out of the house to drive to the yoga studio where I teach. I wasn’t rushing per se, but I wasn’t fully present either. I remember thinking about the fact that my husband and puppy were heading back inside after the first walk of the morning as I started to back my car out of the garage.

I was not at focused on the fact that my husband’s car was parked in our driveway.

Can you see where this is going?

Yup. I backed right into his car. I froze when I heard the sound of scraping. I remember thinking that I wasn’t sure if moving forward or in reverse would help or only make it worse.

Luckily, the incident caused only minor scrapes – but by the time I finally got on the road – traffic had increased and there was an accident on the highway. I was going to be late – or the very least – right on time (which for me is like being late because I like getting there early).

As I was driving, letting Waze redirect my route, I started noticing the thoughts in my mind. All of the judgments, all of the self-bashing…it was getting louder and louder. “This is not how I want to start my day, much less my week,” I thought to myself.

So I came back to what I know works. My breath. I used a breathing technique called Nadi Shodhana (aka, alternate nostril breathing) which must have looked quite strange to any other drivers that took notice) as I drove down the road. This simple tool calms the body, mind, and emotions – and it came from ME.

Everything you need is already within you.

Yes, I could have found a “get me out of my head” playlist on Spotify. I could have found a distraction. But what I really needed – was myself. My breath. Just me.

And it worked. I was able to detach from the series of events and use them as a moment to notice and learn – rather than as a weapon against myself for the rest of the day. The story became less about my “everything went wrong” moments and more about what helped me get grounded.

Everything I need is already inside me. I just have to see it. And perhaps even more importantly, I need to choose it.

We are, after all, the storytellers of our own lives. How we navigate each day is totally up to us.

You can choose to seek for all the answers in distant lands and experts.

Or, you can choose to believe that everything you need is already inside you.

(And hey, I am not knocking getting outside help. Help is good. I am after all a life coach who wants to be of service. But help can take lots of forms – and I believe that the best help comes when someone guides you to notice and cultivate that which is already in you.)

I don’t know about you, but I cannot think of any better way than to steer into the future I crave, knowing that I have everything I really need – already inside.