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‘You can only lose what you cling to’ — Buddha

“There is nothing scary about life if you are not attached to results” — Neil Donald Walsh

When I first read the quote “THERE IS NOTHING SCARY ABOUT LIFE IF YOU ARE NOT ATTACHED TO RESULTS” in the book Conversations with God 20 years ago I loved it. Wow. NOTHING can scare us if we are not attached to results? That line is pretty powerful and profound. (the 3 Ps?)

Most of my life I was a scared person. I always lived in fear of…something. I was a terrified adolescent, an anxiety-ridden teen full of worry and a scared adult — up until maybe this year. Damn. That’s over 50 years of fear!

I was scared of myself, others. The world. The future. My own mind. My addictions. My behaviors. My thoughts. The Bullies at school. The Nazi’s. Nuclear War. North Korea…etc. Oyvey!

But my fears lessen when I think of this quote:

“Nothing can scare us if we are not attached to results.”

OK, but how can we detach from results? That is the 100,000 question, isn’t it?

Well, one way is to be here now and live in the moment. Also staying in a constant state of Gratitude helps. (One reason I am committed to my Radical/Extreme Gratitude Diet.)

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I think we need to stop clinging to results.

If we stop thinking that we have to know why, how, when, where and just let things be, we can have true peace of mind. We have no idea what’s really happening in our lives and the world, but we do know this:






…as the Buddhists say. You can only lose what you cling to, so don’t cling to shit. Don’t cling to people or a job or what you think has to happen or your mate. Don’t cling to results.



Happy attachment free day everyone.

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